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  1. I think of myself as a pretty good roleplay partner, so you'll expect a few replies a day from me, minimum 2 a day. I'm also really flexible as far as borders go with roleplays (NC-17 Mature etc...) I honestly have zero boundaries as far as what goes in roleplays. The only thing I ask is no god-modding, that is, your character is controlled by you, and my character is controlled by me, no god controlling each other's characters.

    Gritty/Sin City Cityscapes (Crime, Guns & Knives, Corrupt Officials, Gotham City type)
    Sci-Fi (Space, biotechnology, mecha, cybernetics, Space Pirates & Space Marines)
    Old War & Romance (Empires, War & Glory, Ancient Grecian type, or Germania-England Renaissance)

    I'm open to all your ideas guys! :bsmile:

    Also feel free to add me on skype for chat n____n sn: perishlove
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  2. Hi! I would love to do an RP with you! My favorite genres include romance, Steampunk, and Paranormal, though I'm open to any ideas. My characters are mainly Male, and usually gay, but, as I said, I can be flexible!
  3. I don't do yaoi, but how do you feel about a really strong headed female character disguised as a man?

    I have a steampunk character that grew up in an underground prison colony before she was adopted and enrolled in naval academy before becoming a captain. To hide her identity she was forced to live under the disguise of a man.
  4. I honestly don't care, I've actually been branching out lately, and that sounds really fun!
  5. Hullo! Just a reminder that if you decide on a Roleplay with sexy scenes (whether they're a must-have or you just want to keep the option open) to ask a mod to move the RP and this thread to the Libertine section!
  6. No problem thanks for the reminder! I just kept the option open and assumed people would private message if it came to that kind of content.
  7. I could get into this, I'm looking for some more people to do fantasy oriented stuff with me and I'm sure we could work something out. Though I do have a weird work schedule right now I try to stay on top of replies :)
  8. Feel free to PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.