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    Hello, I'm Makoto. Some of you may know me or have caught me wandering around on the site before, but I'm currently looking for a few loving strangers to fulfill my current craving of dark and possibly very graphic plot lines. I recently got back from a trip to the hospital and am trying to get back into my usual writing routine, so I need some people to be interested in things I'm really experienced in writing with. I love putting details in my posts about the environment or emotions of the current situation, so I may be a little slow in replying. I write as much as you need me to, but I do tend to write at least a few chunky paragraphs.

    I'm not a picky writer, nor do I want to make my partner uncomfortable with my expectations, but I do want you to try your absolute best and create a detailed story with me. That means using proper grammar and at least reading through your post before replying. Spell check is a saint, but sometimes it doesn't catch everything. Despite that, you may have to describe scenes consisting of gore, violence, rough play or even cannibalism for that matter.

    Dark plots are a specialty of mine, so if you are against this at all, please turn around.

    • I am only willing to role play in thread because my conversation box is pretty clogged already.
    • Romance is not a must in these plot lines so if you wish to refrain from this, let me know!
    • I also don't judge people based on their previous or current role plays, for some just write differently in different circumstances with different people. So if you like to play the cute anime girl in another role play and want a stab at one of these, I'm more than welcome to allow it. Kind of stupid to judge people before giving them a chance.
    • When I mean horror, I mean psychological horror mixed in with some blood and guts. So I'm not looking for emo-kid-wannabe characters who "wear all black because his family was slain" or "hides his face to hide his shame" bullshit. This is the real deal.
    • I want to refrain from the typical seme and uke labeling, where the semes are tall and strong while the ukes are weak and frail. No, no, and no. Life isn't an anime, and certainly none of these plots will be in that manner. You never know, the top could bottom or vice versa.
    • I will not judge you if you stop replying or simply drop the role play. People have lives, and people sometimes lose interest. I won't treat you any different. If you drop a role play with me and ask me to role play again in the future, it's not a problem. I'm a very lax writer, so I'm not going to shove all my needs and wants down your throat just so I can have a good role playing experience. I want us to become friends, discuss our characters, push the story forward and write.

    is a serial killer, and a great one at that. He has been at this for years and at each crime scene there is no remaining trace of him whatsoever. No fingerprints, hair strands, or connection to the poor victim. He is skilled in whatever he manages to do, and even, is a completely different person than what you would imagine him to actually be. On the outer shell he is kind, sophisticated and absolutely loyal in the manner of his own friends but inside, he is a monster. A savage, heart-ripping fiend whose manipulation is top notch compared to his merciless ways. But pause for a moment, who knew serial killers had fans quite similar to that of a boy band? CHARACTER B is an obsessive piece of art who is so fascinated by the work young CHARACTER A is doing, they begin stalking them. Even though just as young and stupid, with their wits they unravel the mystery of who the killer is, and does whatever they can to get close and blackmail them. CHARACTER B wants to become partners with CHARACTER A, and rid the world of low blood peasants like they wish, but will CHARACTER A allow such a loony into their killing ways?

    This will contain violence, gore manipulation, black-mail, betrayal, possible cannibalism and domination of intelligence. Kinks may include sadism, masochism, BDSM, blood-play, power-play, and sexual tension. Whether they end up together or attempt to kill one another is up to you, there are a few options on keeping the story fresh and moving. We can discuss these in private when the time comes, or beforehand.

    It all started out with a pair of children fighting. A simple push, scrape, nosebleed and name calling that sent CHARACTER A's parents off edge. Whether they were mentally ill, or something other than the sort, no one knows but they marched their way over to that child's house and murdered him out in the open. A bit overkill, yes, but soon CHARACTER A was given up to an orphanage due to the dangers of his previous home. Day in and day out he was denied by many adopting couples, worried he would turn out to be just like his parents. But the shocker? He is. Ever since leaving the orphanage at adult hood, he couldn't help but stalk the judge's family that ruled his parents to death. He was the reason why his life was ruined, and soon the only sunshine left in his life would be taken too. CHARACTER B is one of the sons of the very prestigious family and has everything he has ever wanted. One of the best universities to attend, job being handed down to him when his father found fitting and simply, every girl falling for him at the drop of a hat. High blood has nothing to worry about, except the monsters outside his window. CHARACTER A one evening, decides to kidnap CHARACTER B and runs off to have his doing with him.

    This will contain violence, manipulation, revenge, Stockholm syndrome, psychological horror and ruining of innocence. Kinks may include BDSM, sadism, bondage, punishment, reward, pet-play, toy-play and power-play. Whether they end up together or attempt to kill one another is up to you, there are a few options on keeping the story fresh and moving. We can discuss these in private when the time comes, or beforehand.

    CHARACTER A is a brilliant detective who is beginning to lose grasp of reality. Solving murders one by one has began to turn him into a murderer as well, forcing him to stay awake at night and hold himself back from slaughtering his own loved ones. Having no other choice, CHARACTER A turns to CHARACTER B, a therapist whom manipulates him in his very own way to get closer to a fresh kill. Although, the two of them become friends anyway due to them having a keen connection with one another, the two of them soon venture into the unknown. Whether they fall in love, or simply CHARACTER B manipulates CHARACTER A as his own personal butcher - who knows. The two could end up becoming a wonderful murdering pair, or eventually try to kill one another.

    This will contain gore, violence, murder, manipulation, possible cannibalism, and psychological altering. Kinks may include BDSM, sadism, masochism, bondage, punishment, reward, pet-play, and power-play. Whether they end up together or attempt to kill one another is up to you, there are a few options on keeping the story fresh and moving. We can discuss these in private when the time comes, or beforehand.

    CHARACTER A is a fairly normal man who broke into several shops near his home to pay the rent that was four months overdue. Except, he happened to do this more than once on many occasions. Eventually being convicted of the tedious crimes he committed, he was sent to a prison where CHARACTER B happens to be his new cellmate. CHARACTER B is a monster of a man who is convicted of countless murders and assaults, as well as being known for devouring one of his victims. He's too intelligent for his own good, and thinks those who are under him need to be disposed of. When young CHARACTER A moves into his new home, pure and pristine as a young lamb, CHARACTER B can't help but pull the puppet strings. CHARACTER B has been planning an escape for years, and finds CHARACTER A to be the only ticket out of here. With an intelligent mind and quick fingers, the two of them decide to break out and begin their new lives.. together.

    This will contain crime, violence, abuse, murder, manipulation, Stockholm syndrome, possible cannibalism and dubious consent. Kinks may include BDSM, sadism, bondage, punishment, reward, pet-play, and power-play. What happens after prison can be discussed in private message when the time comes, or beforehand.

    Virginity is a signal for innocence, and innocence is a characteristic people seem to love to destroy. It's fulfilling, special, and certainly a bit sensuous. CHARACTER A is a servant for CHARACTER B, and a very loyal one at that. Loyal to the point they will be willing to die at any moment if need be. CHARACTER B is happily married with everything in their life pointing in their direction, but.. when little CHARACTER A comes along, the lion can't help but go for the lamb. Young, innocent, and certainly still holding their v-card CHARACTER B somehow manages to throw everything they had away for this little lamb. An affair happens, and the cat is let out of the bag. Not just one, oh no, but several. Company debt, murders and several other problems arise. CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B, now together, decide to kill the remaining witnesses and go on the run to live a new life specially made for the two of them.

    This will contain abuse, murder, manipulation, star-crossed romance and dubious consent. Kinks may include cross-dressing, BDSM, sadism, bondage, punishment, reward, pet-play, toy-play and power-play. What happens after running away can be discussed in private message when the time comes, or beforehand.
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  2. I feel like a child in a candy store. I've been looking for someone to play out similar scenarios with for quite a while! All of your plots sound wonderful to me, but I'm particularly interested in the last two (prison mates and maid/married owner.) Was there one of those you were more interested in over the other, or should I play some eenie-meenie-mini-mo? haha
  3. *hums to self* Very interesting... I find myself drawn to the first and last scenario. I must admit that this will be a new experience for me (I generzlly stick to "light and fluffy" roleplays), but I am attempting to branch out.

    Please inform me if you are interested in roleplaying with me.
  4. Hnnggg, this is all right up my alley, all your plots are fantastic and practically mind blowing but your STALKER / VICTIM plot has me hooked on it. If you're interested in another partner/perusing this plot, I'd love to hear back. c:
  5. Hey thanks for taking interest, I'll message you all individually to discuss the matters! c:
  6. Ooh, the murdering pair seems quite interesting! Harmful therapy, please?
  7. Sending a message your way!
  8. Is the killer/obsessed fan, still open?
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