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  1. Normally I’m the one doing the rp hunting but since that has blown up in my face, I’ve decided to make a rp request thread, yay~!

    A little bit about me; I’m 21 years old, have been rping for 6 years now, have two jobs (hopefully will go back to just one by the end of this month) and have online school/college. Since I do schooling online that means that I’m mostly on my computer about 60% of the time and can post multiply times a day. However there will be rare times that I won’t be able to post constantly but I can guarantee one post a day.

    Ground rules of mine:

    1. I’m a mirror type role player so I tend to post as much as my partner but I normally strive for 2-3 post. In my opinion, anything less than that is boring and causes the role play to suffer since it won’t get very far with just one liners.

    2. I’m not perfect when it comes to grammar or spelling but I try my best and I hope any potential rper does too. Nothing sucks more than staring at a post wondering what the hell someone posted or how they should respond.

    3. I can play any gender equally but tend to lean in favor of the female role since well I am a girl. But I’m willing to play the male if needed. I can also be dominate, submissive, and/or passive, depending on the role. I tend to favor MxF role plays but am willing to do FxF if convinced.

    4. Please, please, please, PLEASE! If you can’t continue, want to quit, or want to pause the rp for any reason, please tell me. I tend to worry when someone doesn’t post after a week or so and end up assuming the worst so please tell me. I’m not going to hunt you down and hurt you, I’m not that psychotic.

    5. Don’t say you will rp with me then disappear and never speak to me again. I can’t count how many times this has happened to me and quite honesty, it’s getting freaking annoying.

    6. Teamwork is very important! I like coming up with ideas with my partners and discussing how we can move the role play forward, change it, adjust it, make it better or even add characters. If you feel that the rp can take a twisted turn or something, tell me, I will love to hear your ideas as well.

    Rp ideas: (note:: role plays that have * next to it, have a plot/idea)

    Knight x Noble

    Arranged marriage

    Prince x Princess

    Best friends

    Yandere girl x regular guy *

    Demon x Princess/Prince*
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    Secrets of the dark…

    The kingdom of Oasis was the perfect place to live. The citizen lived in peace behind the protective barrier that kept evil monsters out thanks to the powers of the Royal family. Ogres, vampires, werewolves, and everything in between stayed away from the border line of the kingdom since they had no chances of breaking in until one day the barrier suddenly starts failing. Only weaklings are able to come and go as they please which were easily taken down by the noble knights of Oasis but it left them wondering what was going on with the barrier that kept them all away. Many believed that the lack of strength was because of the lack of power left in the current King and had to be replenished by the person next in line for the throne.

    The princess of the land was the chosen one of the task of keeping the kingdom safe and becoming its next ruler instead of her older brother who was appointed head of the guards. Feeling the pressure of becoming the next ruler, she decided to sneak out of the castle to clear her mind but was suddenly attacked by surprisingly strong ogre. Thinking that she was done for, she closed her eyes tightly but instead of feeling pain, she only heard the ogre scream in pain. When she opened her eyes, she saw a man standing before her with the head of the monster that attacked her but had no weapon in hand. The one who saved her was a demon, and from what she could tell, a very powerful one. But how was he able to pass through the barrier? What were his intensions by saving her instead of letting her die? But most importantly, who was this demon standing before her?

    For this one, I wish to play the role of the male demon.

    Vampire x Werewolf *
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    In for the Kill...
    Vampires and werewolves have always be mortal enemies since the dawn of man but what would happen if the next to be Vampire Queen were to extend her hand in friendship in order to end the bloody feud between them. Throughout her (long) life, Samantha had always wanted to be friends with the werewolves by finding some type of peace between the two races but her Father, The Vampire King, has always been against her naive wishes. Now Samantha is attending High School that was not only filled with humans ( who of course don't know the existence of Vampires and werewolves) but also her infamous enemy; the werewolves. Since neither can fight each other in public, Samantha will use this opportunity to make things right with the werewolves but will they feel the same way? She will try everything as long as she doesn't lose her life in the process.

    Human hunter x vampire/werewolf *
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    The dangerous truth...
    Viewed as dangerous creatures hunger for human blood, Vampires and werewolves began to be hunted down by people known as Slayers. Throughout the centuries, the numbers of vampires, werewolves and slayers had drastically decreased to the point that they were believed to be mere myths. To the public eye, they were just myths but in the shadows, they were very much real.

    One night, a small group of slayers were attacked and killed but no one knew by who. At the scene of the attack, it appeared that a werewolf was working with a vampire to kill their common enemy which would spell trouble for the remaining slayers. One in particular was Rukia, the daughter of the leader of the group that was murdered. She wanted to find the culprits and slay them but her mother, fearing the loss of her only child, decided to send her away to another city with her grandparents. There she was beginning a new life at school but what will happen when the boy(s) she meets and starts developing feels for is(are) the enemy?

    You can choose to be either a vampire or werewolf, up to you. I was thinking of making a MxFxM with the two guys (one a vampire and the other a werewolf) after Rukia without knowing of who she is or what she does and vise versa.

    Bandit x guard/knight *
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    Prove my innocence...
    It was a bad game of cat and mouse. The woman would get caught stealing then come face to face with the well known knight but never seemed to take her into custody and simply let her go with a warning then repeat. But one night she gets in deep trouble by being at the wrong place at the wrong time and gets accused of stealing a precious and powerful item from the king himself and is sentenced to death. She didn't take the item, instead she caught a glimpse of who did but no one believes her; No one except the kind knight that is.
    In order to prove her innocence, the two must work together to find the person who stole the kings precious 'item' and return it or else she'll be hanged.

    Feel free to comment below or PM me if interested or have any suggestions/ideas of your own.

    Thank you and happy Rping~!
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  2. I might be interested in the yandere girl x regular guy.
  3. Awesome c: would you like to discuss this through pm?
  4. Sure, if you'd please send me one! [:
  5. No! D<

    lol jk yea xD
  6. I am interested, in your human Werewolf idea also your yandere idea
  7. The yandere idea is in play already but the human x werewolf is still open c:
  8. Do you have a plot in mind?
  9. I actually just added a plot to it in the top forum if u wanna check it out
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