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  1. I will do anything boyxboy girlxgirl or girlxboy. The ones that I crave are in purple. bold is the character I would like but don't have to have in the roleplay. * means I got a plot for it.

    I will do anything fantasy if I know what it is about
    Here is some sugestions I like
    Vampire -Werewolf
    Vampire- Vampire Hunter
    Vampire- Human
    Vampire- Fledgling
    Vampire -Witch
    Vampire- Mythical Creature
    mythical Creature - Mythical Creature

    Kidnapped - Kidnapper
    Rival Bandmates
    Master - Slave
    Experiment - Scientist **
    Friend - Imaginary friend*
    Demon - Angel
    Angel - Human
    Demon - Human
    Satan - Angel
    Demon - Fallen*
    Satan - Fallen

    Comics/books/tv shows/ movies
    Maximum Ride
    Death Note
    Vampire Knight
    I am kinda getting sad because someone didn't want to roleplay this one with me but I really like this one.

    demon x fallen (the rare one) bxb please
    The demons are the ones that control this world. Humans used to control the earth before the demons came out. The demons found a way to get all demons to earth and now is totally controlling the planet. There are only a few places the Demons don't usually go... One is the Odd Ball Forest. This place is where The creatures other than demon's themselves reside. The demons don't usually like this place. It has Werewolves, witches, Some humans, elves and some more. Vampires are with the demons but demons don't even like vampires. When the day came and the Demons came to earth everyone was pushed away. No one was really aloud to do anything without the Demons knowing. The Fallen angels were the ones also stuck on earth. The fallen angels were the rebellious. The Fallen angels did whatever they wanted. The fallen didn't want the demons to take over but they couldn't do anything about it. After the first few years of the demons control the fallen were disappearing one by one. No one knows who is doing it and where they are. A lot of the other mythical creatures believe it is the demons that is making the Fallen disappear. There are now not as many Fallen in the world. there may be 20 of them in the world but no one knows for sure. When the Fallen were disappearing the demons figured out a way to capture a Fallen and keep it like a pet. You can use a metal called the Honin. It is a blue-silver color metal that restrains and make sure the fallen cant use its powers. The demons are now trying to find and capture all fallen and enslave them so they can be like one of the ones that have the now rare creatures...

    Scientist x Experiment
    In this town of little there comes a person. This person is the prettiest/hotest person around. No one really thought nothing about the person except sex. They wanted the person for the physicality. No one cared about the person's personality. No one bothered that the person hid a secret. The person was to self cautious about what he/she wore and what he/she did. The person never had a boyfriend/girlfriend and he/she is to scared to have one. One day a boy/girl came to the town with his/her parents. The person wondered about the boy/girl but she/he didn't know the boy/girl was here for The person. The person was taken in their sleep.

    Scientist x Experiment
    All the person could remember is being in a lab. The lab is his/her home. The person didn't like the lab but she/he would accept it because she/he cant run away. The person is half bird half human. The person wondered always who his/her parents were. The day The person tried to run away new Scientists came into the lab. They wanted to mix his/her dna with more animals. The person was convinced that they wanted to kill him/her. When she/he got to the door to freedom a Scientist appeared in front of her/him? What will he/she do? Will he/she let the person go or take the person back to the lab and cage?

    Friend x Imaginary friend [boy x boy only]
    In this world Imaginary friends are created by its owner. They have their own life when they finally take place. The creator just comes up with the idea of the Imaginary friend and the Imaginary friend shows up. Everyone as kids have imaginary friends. The Imaginary friends are invisable to everyone but the creator. The Imaginary friend grows as the creator grows. The imaginary friend is invisable to anyone but the creator until the creator turns 18. When the creator doesn't believe in Imaginary friends anymore they themselves cant see their Imaginary friend until they turn 18 but then they just think their imaginary friend is someone they just haven't met. Usually the Imaginary friend gets sad and just moves on after the creator doesn't believe. But their are some cases where the Imaginary stays with its owner even though they stopped believing.
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  2. I'll rp the demon-angel one with you. You don't have to and if you don't want to I understand
  3. I wouldn't mind. What one do you want to be
  4. Angel if it's OK with you.
  5. Okay now we need to think of a plot for it.
  6. Hmmmm. She could be an angel that fell from the heavens and he/she was a demon that had been on earth a while now and found her but didn't know she was an ange cause she had her wings hidden.


    She fell from heaven and he/she found her and was going to kill her but decided he/she could get better info on angels and use it against them so he/she takes her home to the place he/she has been staying for two years since they came from hell.
  7. Like the second one better I think it has some more action.
  8. I like that one more as well. :)
  9. You want to do the tread or shall I?
  10. You probably should
  11. Is the demon living on earth or he'llhe'll
  12. Bump to new person
  13. Scientist experiment, the second one, and could I be the experiment, It sounds fun!
  14. Girl x girl boyxboy or boyxgirl
  15. Boy X girl.... I will be the guy...... I cant really play as girls really well yet.
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