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  1. I am a fellow roleplayer searching for a mpreg RP. I am craving any kind of plot as long as it's MxM and involving mpreg. I am 20 so I am of legal age. I am literate and I can type a paragraph or two depending on what I am given. I am open to any kinks or ideas. I have no limits. Also I am a switch. I can be top and bottom. You must be 18+ for smut.

    My kinks when I RP a uke are:
    -fucking my oc in his sleep
    - BDSM (light and extreme)
    - Threesomes
    -buff and muscular guys



    -Scientist X Experiment

    -Pregnant Student X Teacher

    -Pregnant Student X Best friend

    -One night stand

    -Abusive Relationships

    -Prince X Thief

    -Pregnant Prince X Thief

    -Murderer X Victim

    -Murderer X Cop

    -Master X Slave

    -Father X Son

    -Brother X Brother

    -Merman X Merman

    -Merman X Human

    -Merman X Scientist

    -Fairy X Merman

    -Stripper X Rich man

    -Servant X Prince

    -Bartender X Stripper

    -Rapist X Victim

    -Kidnapper X Victim

    -Assassin X Prince

    -Hunter X Merman

    What I look for in a partner:
    Someone who is willing to talk OOC and discuss plots. Also someone who is committed to the RP and doesn't leave at the drop of a hat. I like becoming friends with my RPers. Also someone who can write a paragraph or more. And please be literate.

    Availability: 24/7. I don't work and I'm not in school due to major health issues.



    Kik: Kingdomhearts1212

    Skype: Leonmichaelis007

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  2. Hello! Despite the fact that you mentioned that you'll only roleplay smut with 18+ members, it looks like smut is something you are expecting for this roleplay, since you listed your kinks. I've moved it to the Libertine forum, which is a safe place for these kinds of interest checks to be posted.

    If you really, really want it in the general forum, let me know and I'll move it back.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.