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Searching for RP Partners

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Shadow Hunter, Sep 22, 2015.

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  1. Hey everyone :)
    I'm pretty new at this site and am looking for some rp partners :) However, I'm not new to rp and am looking to get creative with a few other people :)

    About me:

    - I'll rp basically any genre except not things to do with zombies.
    - I can respond anywhere from once a week to several times a day but I am in school and have a job so replying can be a little difficult sometimes
    - I can only play female characters and do mxf pairings
    - my responses are about 1 paragraph to 4. I usually end up matching my rp partners length so if you write more, I'll write more too.
    No One-Liners!! If you do any of those, I will drop the rp
    - I don't mind OOC chatter either. I find it can help move the rp along as well and if you have any ideas/suggestions, I'm more than willing to hear you out^^

    Alright, now that we've made it past that, I'll get to the fun stuff :)

    human x vampire
    werewolf x vampire
    angel x human
    prince x commoner
    kidnapper x hostage
    vampire x angel
    centaur x shifter
    poor girl x rich boy
    dragon rider x prince/ss
    royal x slave
    shifter x human
    thief x cop
    famous person x normal person
    pirate x stowaway
    rival x rival
    popular boy x shy girl
    seductive guy x stubborn girl
    furry x human
    bad boy x good girl

    I do have a few plots as well so feel free to ask me about them ^^
  2. still looking :)
  3. I would be interested in any of the following:

    Bad boy x good girl
    Rich boy x poor girl
    Popular boy x Shy Girl

    I would also love to hear some of your plots! If you don't have any for these role-plays, I have a few I could share or we could create one together if you're still looking!
  4. You open for the furry x human? I have some furry characters I wanna rp as...
  5. I don't usually play furry..
  6. Heh, that was ment for Ashe as it is their post but I could rp with you if ya wanted!

    No furry if you don't want it
  7. Oh.. whoops... sorry about that! I felt like it was your request for some reason.. haha
  8. @MarilynFae
    I'd love to rp with you :) just pm me and I'd love to hear your ideas :) do have one or two plots for those but they're quite basic

    I'd like to rp with you too :) Just pm me and we can work something out
  9. still looking :)
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