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  1. Hello fellow RPers,

    Names Ryles, I am currently in search for RP partners in general. I am searching for one x one or even group if that's what you wish, just something to get these creative juices flowing.

    I do have a few simple requests, 18+ only please. I do do romance roleplay and some of my characters do use some fowl language so please only message me if you are 18+ only. (:

    Also if you get bored of me or don't like the ideas or post, tell me. We can fix it or make a new RP or just cut ties, that is perfectly fine, but please don't just leave me hanging because I won't leave you hanging, I promise. (:

    My weekends are very busy so though most the time I am still able to get responses in, sometimes I can not get one in but I usually at least respond once a day although alot of the times I will respond much more than that.

    I'm pretty open on ideas for RPs, that being said, I do have some limits, if I don't think I'll grasp the concept, I will let you know. (:

    I usually prefer playing the female role, i will be honest, you have to have a pretty good plot for me to consider male.

    As for my current cravings.. hmm.. well I have so many :

    Anything medieval really
    Princess x Knight
    Game of Thrones
    Prince x Commoner
    Princess x Commoner
    Forbidden love
    Vampire, etc...

    Anything survival
    A good walking dead theme
    Plane crash
    Zombie apocalypse
    End of the world some other way

    Real life situations

    Wizard school

    Stuck in a fairytale

    I'm sure there's more I will add later, feel free to send me an idea as well if you have one ^_^


    I have a few plots in mind, all completely different in genre, etc.

    Plot 1
    Vampire x Human
    The vampire race had once ruled over humans but the human spirit seemed to eventually outdo them, deciding they no longer wanted to be the victim the human race nearly put the vampires into extinction. Many went into hiding around the world, some among other humans, some further into places most wouldn't go. This particularly story however is about the two Vampire Princes, one of them being Character B. Long ago, a powerful witch helped the vampire race after falling in love with the Vampire Lord, making a castle that would hold the Vampire race and let them go as they please but keeping all else who entered within its walls unless ones that held the Vampire Lords blood wished for them to be released. It kept the race of vampires left safe but still able to feed off the humans they managed to lore back to the castle but over time the castle's magic seemed to weaken and Character B turned to the long told prophecy that one with the original Vampire Lord's blood was to find the Great Witch's descendant and make her fall for them of their own free will. Character A, my character, would be that descendant, loured to the castle in order to provoke her into love.

    Plot 2
    Survival. Zombie Apocalypse.
    On a small island, before only inhabited by locals, there lies a new research facility. Built to hold top government secrets and holds the key to many diseases as well as their cure. The locals are unhappy about the new research facility and it only seems to get worse as they quickly find that their dead start coming to life and blame the new research facility. My character would be a new scientist but your character would be up to you.

    Plot 3
    Medieval. Fantasy.
    In the land of Azlar there holds a magic sword that the princess, Character A, is sworn to protect after her father's death and her mother grows ill the Kingdom becomes under attack and the magic sword is stolen. Hell bent on getting it back, Character A assembles a team and goes on an adventure to return the sword to her kingdom. Your character would be up to you but one of the team members assembled.

    Plot 4
    Present day. Fairy tale with a twist.
    My character comes upon a book in her grandmother's things that upon curiousity she opens and finds herself thrown into a fantasy world that she quickly discovers is an awful lot like a fairy tale she read when she was younger. Your character is open to any of the old fairy tales you can think of.

    Plot 5
    Fantasy with a twist of death.
    In the world of death, a kingdom called Nilheim arrises, this kingdom is full of ghousts, ghouls, zombie and so on so forth, with a King, character B, that finds himself lonely he sends his colleagues out to arise a Princess of old time that was said to pass at a young age with unspoken beauty. Thinking this would be a perfect specimen for Queen he wants to claim her as his own.

    Plot 6
    Ninja with an addition of powerful beings
    A ninja princess sworn to her duty as the keeper of a powerful sword finds herself at the fight before the told end of the world. Powerful beings come into her life to help against the fight of the end of the world. This one is up for discussion and work and the character is up to you.
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  2. PrinceXcommoner whats the idea you have for that I'm interested!!
  3. You're princessx commoner seems interesting to me.
  4. Send me a message and we can discuss ^_^
  5. Send me a message and we can discuss ^_^
  6. I would also be interested in a horror typed theme RP
    I am open to some fandom RPs as well
  7. Still looking ^_^
  8. Edited. Still looking.
  9. Hello there I would love to do something modern and fairy tale ish. If we could gather ideas and pick something.
  10. Sir, shoot me a PM and we can discuss the possibilities ^_^
  11. I'm interested in the PrincessxKnight or the mercenary ideas you listed. Still looking for partners?
  12. I am, go ahead and shoot me with a message and any ideas if you have them and we can talk out a plot ^_^
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