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  1. Hello! , and welcome,
    i hope you will make a roleplay with me :D
    I love long posts! No one liners! ;)

    Well i'm pretty much up for anything as long it have something to do with romance.
    I'm a sucker for romance XD

    However, i actually do have a few things i don't like.

    I don't do lesbian roleplays.
    I don't do one liners.
    I don't do seme in Yaoi.
    I only play girl in straight rps.

    I have a few plots :angel: but if you have one too, i would like to hear it!


    Changing fate. Romace, drama, 18 only. (prefered Yaoi)

    In this world love is a scarad thing, you are only suppose to fall in love with one person.. But what is you fall in love with someone who is already together with another person? If cheating gets discovered, you are never alowed to love again. Not even the person you first fall in love with.

    There once was a pair of twins, x and y. They looked identical and they had the same friend, o. X and Y both liked O, but X never got the chance to tell O as Y confessed and O accpeted his feelings. X kept his feelings hidden and tried to move on, but he couldn't. He only loved O. X and Y had always been compared to each others. Y was always the best and X honestly was a bit jealous and a bit tired of hearing about great his life was. He had the perfect life, he had O, a high position where he worked, a great apartment and money enough to make the day go around.

    But then one day everything changed. The three of them had just visited a amusement-park. O was sleeping and the two brothers were talking. Y was bragging about his life while X tried to ignore him. Because of lack of focus Y didn't notice a car that was turning around the corner. The cars slammed together.. They all have to go to the hospital. Y is dead, but no one knows it him.. Because they look identical no one call tell the difference. They can only hope that the one that isn't dead can remember who he is.. X can remember who he is, however.. He choose not to be him anymore. He claims to be Y and moves in with O. Finally he can be with the one he loves.. But when X takes over Y's life he discovers that Y's life might not be as sugar sweet as he have made it sound like..​

    Experiment.. Romance, horror, 18 only, madness.

    There once was a young repected scientist who was admired by many others. His co-works, people that just knew about his work and people in high places that could see interest in his work. However as the years pass the dear doctor started to lose his mind. He started to make crazy and disgusting experiments on animals, they were so terrible that he got fired and all the respect he had from the people was lost. However, this didn't stop him. He simply just brought his work home with him. Instead of animals he started to do his experiments on humans. It wasn't before years after that this got discovered. He got busted and sent to prison.. He had done horrible things. Things most people couldn't talk about without feeling sick.

    He was suppose to sit in jail for the rest of his life, but he escaped. He was no longer popular in the commen people's mind. However the ones who liked dark things started to grow quite fond of him. The scientist moved far away where no one could find him. There he build a lab where he could continue his experiments.. Years passes again and the scientist who only thought of himself as brilliant wanted a assistent, who could learn and see his cleverness. It's hard to belive, but many did want to become his assistent, to gain his knownledge.. The scientist got a assistent. But when the assistent arrives he meets one of the creaturs the scientist have created. She looks like a normal girl, just with a lot of scars and radioactive green eyes.. There is something about this girl that the young assistent can't shake of. Not that he can possible fall for her, she is a monster after all! But.. her sad and lonely face still manages to catch his attention a awful lot.. The girl is a experiment that the scientist have made, for him she came out as a failure, but was nice to keep around to do small things or kill people who wasn't allowed to be there.​

    The dragon and the princess - Fantasy, magic, romance, action, medieval.

    You know the old fairytale where a evil, cruel dragon kidnappes a princess because of her beuaty and then a brave knight in a shinning armor comes and save her. He gets to marry her and get the half of the kingdom, and they live happily ever after. But this story is a bit different.. There once was a princess there got engaded to a prince. But the princess wasn't in love with him at all. One day when she was sleeping peacefully in her bed, with her window opened. A Dragon named __ attacked the kingdom. He hated the royal family greetly and had only in mind to leave their dear castle in ruins. But as he flew by the castle, he saw the princess. The dragon fell for her beauty at first eye cast. He decided to take her. Not only was she beautiful but it would also be the perfect reveng to steal the only princess of the kingdom. So the dragon took the princess to his cave. The princess was scared, terrified! She didn't wanted to get eaten by a dragon! She didn't wanted to spent her last moment in a cave! But inside the cave there was a nice little house. When the dragon reached the small house he morphed into a handsome younge man! Althought it's forbidden, the princess started to fall for the dragon and the dragon fell for her.. but how will this fairy tale end..? Will it end like every other, where the prince comes and slays the dragon and gets the girl. Or will it be different this time?

    Tough love Baby~ - Romance, ganster, action, rough langauge.

    Hana Yoshi was a pretty normal teenage girl who thought that she lived in hell.. For the boys in her class she is the number 1 target to bully. The girls from her class doesn't seem to care much about her either. Even the teachers doesn't do anything about it! School is tough but what is the hardest thing, is going home. Her house is empty as her parents are never home. They haven't been home since her 8years birthday. To make it all worse her boyfreind dumped her last week. Telling her that she was useless and completely boring! With a broken heart and all alone, Hana truely felt that she was living in hell..

    A normal wensday morning Hana was walking to school, when a group of hardcore gansters were fighting. Two groups of gansters is controling this city. Even if the police won't admit, it's true. Hana quickly tried to walk around them, so she wouldn't be involded in anything. But the fight is over quickly and one of the groups laughs of their opponent there was completely knocked out. The leader of the group who won also called ___ discovers Hana. Happy because he just won, he decided to go flirt with Hana. Just for fun of coures, who wants a high school girl? Nah it was just to get a good victory ending. However it doesn't go as he had planed. She won't stop walking, not even slow down a bit, she doesn't even repsond to his flirting! But __ keeps flirting with her. Hana is on her breaking point. She is all alone, she gets bullied in school and now this Idiot thinks that he can bully her too?! Hana tried to ignore him but it couldn't be helped. She just snapped. She turned around, hitting him right in the stomach, so all the air escapes he's lungs, followed by a hard fist directely into his face. Making him fall backwards, followed by Hana yelling "Stay the hell away from me, you're creep!" Hana then turns and leaves. The gang leader is in shock! No girl have ever treated him like that! Suddenly the pain in his belly and cheek turns warm and fluffy? He just gaze after her, love at first sight! Or should i say love at first hit? The leader doesn't like to be hit by her, but it was that she had the nerves to do it! Now more determined than ever he will do everything to make Hana his woman.. However Hana doesn't agree with him about that. She doesn't want to be he's 'woman'. Not even his gang likes the idea of Hana being he's woman.. Most of all, if he have a girlfriend that could be a great weakness! But he doesn't care and want to make Hana and everything about her, his. ___ have never really wanted a girlfriend, not that he didn't had the chance to get one! But this time he want it to be different..

    Why are you doing this!? - Romance, horror, abuse, 18 only. Mindfuck.

    Nadja Lions was deeply in love with her boyfreind until he started to cheat on her, but actually she loved him so much that she let him cheat a whole year before she just got enough of it. She broke up with a broken heart which she thought would never be healed.. But two years later after the break up she meets this really nice guy and they start dating.. But her ex boyfreind is very jealouse! though he already have a girlfriend.. Nadja dates the nice guy for a few weeks before her ex comes running demanding that she breaks up with her new boyfriend, telling her that he is finish with all the other girls just he gave have her. But Nadja doesnt believe him and turns him down.. A week later her ex comes again and again tries to make her his, but she turns him down again.. which leads to that her ex kills her new boyfriend and kidnappes her.. how will this end?

    What we might can do, if your not interested in any of my plots:

    Half angel-half demon
    Masquerade ball
    Arranged marriage
    Shapeshifter kidnapper-kidnapped girl
    Scientist-lab experiment
    Soldier-prisoner of war
    assasin x target
    military x civilian
    human x werewolf
    human x vampire
    angel x demon
    spy x civiilian
    student x teacher
    waitress x customer
    time traveler x person
    Best Friend x Best Friend's Sister/brother
    Childhood Best Friend x Childhood Best Friend
    Popular Guy x New Girl
    Rescuer x Rescued
    Wolf x Vampire
    Alfa wolf - omega wolf
    Knight x Princess
    Zombie apocalypse
    Knight x Prince
    Prince x Commoner
    Commoner x Princess
    celeb. x fan/non fan
    Guardian Angel x Human
    Vampire x Hunter/priest
    Vampire x Angel
    Demon x Angel
    Songstress x Model
    Photographer x Model
    Pregnant Girlfriend x Boyfriend
    Mermaid x Human
    Actress x Helper

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  2. I'd be interested in the dragon and princess plot. Shoot me a pm.
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