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    I'm using this as my permanent roleplay searching thread because I like being organised and this seems like the best way to do it. So, here we go!

    I'm not very good at explaining myself, so if you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM me!
    Dos and Don'ts
    do + Tell me when you want to stop roleplaying. I won't be mad, honestly, I'm a nice person.
    + Contribute to the plot! If you think you're being annoying or you think idea isn't good, let me tell you you're not being annoying and your idea is good. I love people tweaking my plots, because often more times than not it makes the plot better.
    + Make well rounded and interesting characters. I'm fine with anything and honestly, if it triggers me I'll tell you. Tragic backstories, nice backstories, I love backstories and pairing that with a personality with good points and flaws is great.
    + Tell me your triggers before we start. I don't mind if you think they're silly, because they're not; I want our RP to be fun for both of us.
    + Tell me if you're a long term or a short term RP partner. Then we can tailor a plot to fit the time span we might be roleplaying for!
    don't - Godmode or powerplay (the roleplaying term. Not the NSFW term. Trust me, I got so confused when I first heard this) my character. I won't do it to yours (and if I do, please call me out on it), so please don't do it to mine. If you'd like my character's reaction to something in your reply, please ask me what their reaction would be and I'll tell you!
    - Just drop me. I understand sometimes life gets in the way or you just get bored (I'm guilty of dropping RPs in the past, oops), but I'm a understanding person and I won't flip out if you say you're bored or you don't have time. We'll just stop the RP!
    - Make me come up with the whole plot. Please contribute your ideas and things. Even if it's something small like the colour of flowers or something! I'm a pretty aggressive player sometimes, so I'm fine with coming up with most of the plot if you don't have any ideas to add, but something small really helps if you haven't got anything big to add.
    - Make Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus, perfect characters without flaws or stereotypes (unless there's going to be some character development through the RP). At least try not to, anyway. ^.^
    About Me
    what i do + Libertine/smut/sex scenes. I prefer more plot than sex, and I'm very inexperienced, but everyone needs to start somewhere and here I am. I also do kinks.
    + Violence and gore. Any sort of mature scenes, I'll do, as long as these sort of scenes aren't romanticised and are framed in a rather bad way.
    + Fluff and cute stuff. I love it. No smut, no problem. Bring it.
    + MalexMale. My male characters can range from feminine to toxic masculine. I also roleplay trans male character and nonbinary boys.
    + All genres. Paranormal romance, science fiction, fantasy. You name it. As long as there's some romance, I'll roleplay it.
    + Yes, the above includes fandom.
    + More than one reply per day. I'm online quite a lot.
    what i don't do - Incest.
    - H*rmaphrodites. (Unless, of course, we're talking about a species of alien that has that biological reproductive system. No human H's, please.)
    - Furries. Nekos and omegaverse is fine, though.
    - Roleplay with under 18s.
    Fandom Info
    fandoms + Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan (I play Armin)
    + Free! (I play Nitori or Nagisa)
    ships + Reigisa
    + Soutori
    + Rintori
    + Eremin
    - No libertine/sex scenes for Soutori, Rintori or Eremin. Only fade-to-black.
    + I headcanon Nitori as a trans boy and will not roleplay him as cis.
    + I can roleplay Armin as cis but I prefer to roleplay him as a trans or nonbinary boy.
    + I can roleplay Nagisa as either cis, trans or nonbinary.
    plot ideas + Canon/Canon Divergence (either works for me)
    + Coffee Shop AU
    + Sci-Fi AU (androids, dystopias, etc.)
    + Another Fandom AU (Reigisa in The Hunger Games, Eremin in Yuri!!! On Ice, Soutori in Harry Potter. A few examples)
    + High School AU/Glee Club AU
    + Paranormal AU (merman!Eren, demon!Nagisa, witch!Nitori. Anything, honestly)
    + I'll do anything!
    Original Plots
    • paranormal, romance, dark comedy Person A and Person B are frienemies but they hang out together because they have no one else to be around. They go out drinking together, they have silly (and somewhat annoying) nicknames for each other and they generally can't stand each other to the point they actually enjoy each others company.

      One night, after stumbling back to person A's apartment, they get a little bit hot and heavy. As person A struggles to get the key into their apartment door, they hear a scream coming from their next door neighbour. Being lawbreakers and troublemakers, they break into the apartment to see what's going on, and find a man feasting on person A's neighbour's flesh. Person A is attacked and person B kills the man. They burn the body and get rid of the evidence (including the neighbour's body), but person A has already been bitten.

      Person A begins going through changes and they're kidnapped a week or so after the incident. They're thrown into a supernatural world, person A is going through the process of becoming a human-eating monster, person B has a blood thirst for the species that caused all this trauma and frienemies are turning to lovers.

      Lots of gore, language and alcohol mention. Libertine scenes are optional, we can just fade-to-black if you prefer, but there will be a heavy make-out scene.

    I only roleplay over private message because the threads intimidate me. So send me a PM if you're interested and we can discuss plots and stuff there!
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