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  1. "That young Lady Spencer, she is a no-good trouble-maker!"

    Married (and widowed) young, Lady Lily Spencer is gaining something of a scandalous reputation. The youngest of six daughters born to an Earl, she has long had a most unladylike disposition that her governess, her mother and her husband have failed to quell. Curious, questioning and unrelentingly headstrong are all traits one can forgive in early youth, but now in her early twenties, Society thinks that the Lady Spencer, and her loosened morals, should know better.
    Why, gossip has it that she even courted a supernatural!

    When news of a spate of gruesome and incredibly brutal attacks on both human and the supernatural members of London Society hits the newspapers, it is only natural that Lily Spencer decides to start to investigate for herself. She is set to meet mysterious, dangerous creatures of the night, murderers and charlatans, and maybe even a supernatural or two to boot.

    The supernatural set includes werewolves, vampires and demons. Werewolves and demons are capable of reproduction, but only within their own species. Vampires cannot conceive or father children of any kind.

    Werewolves do not age, but due to pack politics, none known have lived past the age of 400. They instinctively form packs and are physical and social creatures - to live a solitary life is virtually unheard of with the rare exception of one leaving to find a mate or to start their own packs. Only pack alphas, the pack leader, can transfer the curse, a title one must fight to the death for. This is often accompanied with an actual title and lands. Bitten wolves are not capable of disobeying their alpha, and as a result, are not capable of becoming alphas themselves. They also find it difficult and painful to shape shift compared to those who have inherited the curse. All wolves are obliged to shape shift during the full moon, when they revert to a feral state of mind. They are allergic to silver, but they do not find it toxic.

    Vampires are immortal and do not age. They are also notoriously difficult to kill without the aid of a wooden stake or direct sunlight. Vampires do tend to live in covens, but unlike werewolves, they will rarely live together under the same roof. Covens tend to be for protection rather than for socialization; vampires tend to be rather solitary. Any vampire can transmit their curse, but it has a low success rate, especially for younger vampires.
    All vampires are obliged to drink blood, and while this may be sourced from animals, few ever resort to this as humans are their natural prey, and many are willing to donate.
    If vampires continue the habit of consuming human food from the point of their turning, while it brings them no sustenance, they can still enjoy the act. However, if it isn't, then they lose that ability and it is highly advised not to try and resume the habit.

    I'm looking for a partner, preferably male, for my Lady Spencer to play with. She is an accomplished human lady of 24, who sadly lost her first husband (twenty years her senior) four years ago. My ideal set-up would be with an alpha werewolf, but I'm not terribly fussed about it either way. I would also rather that they are not the murderer in question!

    I do like both my porn and my plot, but for this role play, I would lean more towards the plot side of things! Two to three paragraphs on a regular basis please!
    I'm pretty open minded when it does come down to the dirty though, and I do like my sex on the kinkier and rougher side of things too. Just let me know if there's anything you're not comfortable with doing. :)​
  2. Hmm,you've got my attention. Would the plot be mainly the murder mystery, or mainly their relationship? Would they be trying to solve it together, or is she asking my character questions as a suspect? Perhaps the murder victim was one of my alpha's pack and so they happen to be investigating the same thing?
  3. @Verona

    Mostly the murder mystery to begin with, but I also hope to delve deeper into the relationship as the role play progresses as well. I'd rather play solving it together, but I'm quite happy to play it the other way too. That does sound good though. :)
  4. Hmm, we could say that the alpha didn't know anything was wrong until days or a week or so after it happened (maybe the pack member that was killed left to go to a different town for some reason and hadn't been expected back yet) and since YC has discovered the most about the killing he decides to have her help him, and vice versa?
  5. @Verona

    That sounds pretty good. :)
    Shall I start the thread or do have have any more questions?
  6. I think I'm good :) I'll make up a bio later tonight. I'll be at work until like seven hours from now
  7. Great -- I'm on GMT though, but I won't be online.
  8. Ugh, I'm really sorry it's taking so long. This is my seventh day in a row working and it's wearing down on my brain. I'm super busy today, but I'll defeinitely get you a bio at least by tomorrow
  9. Seriously, no rush. Take your time -- I'm caught up with university and work at the moment so I know the feeling!
  10. I'm gonna start working on it now, finally. Did you want to make the thread and have me post it there, or just post it here?
  11. I'm going to be off line completely this weekend, and I don't think I'll get time to put the thread up this evening, so it'll be up Monday. There's no need to post it there. :)