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  1. Hello and welcome to my mundane request thread.

    I've been role playing for a few years, But not actively so I don't have much practice. So, I need a partner with patience and that doesn't mind short posts.

    I'm mostly interested in yaoi and maybe yuri.

    I don't like playing fandoms because I can never correctly portray the characters, so only original characters.. If you really wanna do a plot that involves an anime or something we can try original characters with the plot of it.

    Pretty much all the plots I have belong in another request area so we'll build one together unless you have one you want to do~

  2. I'll rp with you :3 I haven't done a yaoi rp in awhile though so you gotta be patient with me too! what kind of ideas do you have? I have one if you don't have any ones that you really want to do ^-^
  3. I could help you out :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.