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  1. Emphasis on the plural. Seriously, don't scared away just because the thread's a few days old or someone was here before you. ;)

    Please, as a heavy note, even if my typing looks a little intimidating, know that I'm not that serious, and that everything I say, any requests I have, and any commands, should be taken lightly and imagined in a bouncy voice.

    I like to do action/adventure, fantasy, romance, modern fantasy/sci-fi. Mostly the first three. I do most others, but you'd have to help me with those. I usually always throw in action/adventure, a bit of comedy, and drama. I think romance just makes sense in a 1 x 1, but that's just my opinion.

    I play male. I'd probably have trouble with a female. So MxF or MxM. I skip anything too mature.

    Length of your posts isn't too much of a concern to me, so long as I find it reasonable, which I will tell you if you're getting too short.

    I am completely open to new plots, but here are a few I came up with and would like to do. Ask for more information on each you're interested in.

    ~Light King/Prince/Queen/Princess & Dark King/Prince/Queen/Princess

    ~Demon King/Memory Loss Victim & [Someone Else]

    ~Travelling Salesman & Thief

    ~Demon & New/Half Demon

    ~Fandoms: Ouran Host Club, Kirby, Zelda, SSBB, Vocaloid(?) Hetalia, etc. (Just ask)

    (Darkened=Rather not anymore| Underlined=Preferred)

    Seriously. This stuff isn't in stone, it's clay.

    UPDATE: Whoa, I didn't expect this many people so soon. Okay, anyone who is even slightly imitated should be scared off now XD Just slow down!
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  2. I'm interested in
    Traveling Salesman & Thief
    Demon & New/Half Demon. c:
  3. I'm up for all of the ones listed above :)
  4. Weell, I'd be interested in the Demon & new/half demon and the Demon king & someone else. But as for the length post. What would you consider the average? I already have one Rp which has an average of 3 to 4 paragraphs a post and you see that can be sort of time consuming. So I am looking for something maybe not that demanding. 1, 2 or maybe 3 paragraphs ok?
  5. I'm interested in all of the above.
  6. ... I don't want to be scared off, but I need a good Vocaloid rp XD
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