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  1. Hey, I’m Alex. What I’m looking for in a partner is someone who is interesting and can help me create an interesting roleplay. If you fit that description, we should work well together.

    GENDER- I play both males and females, though I only play males opposite females in certain situations.

    DOUBLING- Doubling is one of the main situations in which I play the male in MxF pairings. I am always willing to double. Both of our female characters and their love interests must receive equal attention.

    LENGTH- My introductions are usually the same length as my replies which is about three to five paragraphs.

    OOC- I enjoy becoming friends and chatting with my roleplay partners.

    What I’m currently interested in RPing:


    ()=Character I’ll play


    [M]=Male character

    [F]=Female Character

    Older man x (Friend’s daughter)*

    Photographer[M] x (Model[M])*

    Boyfriend’s father x (Girlfriend)

    Professor[M] x (Student[M or F])

    Teacher[M or F] x (Student[F])

    Ex-husband x (Ex-Wife)

    Abuser[M or F] x (Abused[F])

    Step-father x (Step-daughter)

    Abuser’s father x (Abused[F])*

    Serial killer[M or F] x (Wife)*

    Fable 2 or 3

    All boys school

    All girls school


    Blind date

    Middle school

    High school

    Rekindled love

    Harry Potter*

    Tutor[M or F] x (Tutored[F])

    Artist[M] x (Muse[F])



    Forbidden love


    Broken family*

    Best friend[M] x (Best friend’s ex[F])

    Police officer[M] x (Prostitute[F])*

    Assassin[M] x (Target’s daughter)*

    Headmaster[M] x (Pupil[F])*

    Director[M] x (Movie star[M or F])*

    Ghost[M or F] x (Human[F])
    Doctor Who*

  2. I'd be up for almost all the ideas you are craving for, so if you want to discuss one of them feel free to message me :)
  3. I'll do almost any of the above except of any MxM pairings. If you want, we could start working on a plot
  4. im interested in photographer x model if that's still available
  5. Assassin x Targets daughter sounds interesting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.