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  1. [​IMG]

    ~About Me~

    Hey Guys!​

    Hopefully you can tell there has been a revamp of all this. Trying ot clean it up a bit so it makes more sense to most. I went and reread over it I am like…


    You lovely lads and lasses can call me Faya, I am from the Eastern Time Zone. An interesting Southern State to tell you the truth. Off and On I am. I work second shift, but I do try to reply often and I do since work starting to settle down again.

    If you don’t hear from me in two days contact me. I do the same unless we talk about it in advance. I used to have a role-player we would reply twice a week because of her schedule, but we always ended up talking OOC so we both stayed interest in our roleplays.

    If you need to end our role-play, so be it. Id be a little sad, but I get over it. Shit happens. Outside life is important.

    Genders I play? Easily. Guys or Girls. I am fond of both genders, so whatever you want me to play I am down with it. There is a few plots I prefer one over the other, but that’s about it. So yes, I play any sexuality, if you’re craving a homosexual pairing or the simple heterosexual. Hell, if you wanna try a threesome in a roleplay or a foursome I am happy to add what needed for our plot. Do try and tell me so I am not assuming one or the other.. Also, I play different ethnicity so if you are personally craving one that not often use do let me know. Yes, I have from white and Asian to African American to many others.

    Everyone is literate here easily, as people can read and write[for the most part] So I won’t be classifying what I am in and what I prefer. I can tell you the length I do like and what I don’t like so that will be a lot easier.

    Length wise I’d prefer minimum of three/four paragraphs and at least five sentences a little more is always welcome. I am not a grammar nazi or spelling one, as I do have my own issues here and there. I mean I try my best with both so I do expect you to do too, word document or firefox is lovely for the spelling issues you might have.

    Ill be roleplay over…
    Email, Pms, Thread, Google Doc

    I happily use Skype to plot and to get to know you.
    So just ask.
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  2. [​IMG]

    marks by lists~
    * how much one craving it
    & has a plot for it
    underlined means I want to play it


    Single Parent x Single Parent
    Teacher x Student (must have plot)
    Doctor x Doctor
    Doctor x Nurse
    Doctor x Patient
    Secret Agents
    FBI x Psychic
    Detective x Psychic***
    Solider Wife x Civilian**
    Solider x Wife Civilian**
    Solider x Girlfriend/Boyfriend

    Prince/ss x Prince/ss
    Knight x Prince/ess
    Reincarnated Goddess/Princess x Knight/Thief/Reincarnated Guardian or New One***&
    Reincarnated Goddess/Princess x YC who knows who she is*****
    King x Soon to Be Queen
    King/Queen x Knight
    King/Queen x Servant
    King of Thieves x Knight
    King of Thieves x Prince/ss**** &
    [King of Thieves doesn't have to be a male]

    Supernatural Creature x Human
    Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature who thinks they are human
    Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature (think demons and elves and fairys and ect)
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Werewolf x Human
    Elf x Human
    Elf x Elf
    Pulled Into Video Game
    [think of .hack or sao]

    Harry Potter
    Harry x OC*** [wont lie harry gets a backbone when i play him]
    Harry x Draco**
    Harry x Hermione
    Harry x Luna***
    Sirius x Harry [timetravel]
    Luna x OC/Cannon
    Hermione x OC/Cannon
    Tom Son x OC**
    Mortal Instruments
    Black Dagger Brotherhood
    Vampire Academy ***
    The Academy by CS Stone ***

    Lost Girl
    OC x OC
    Nick x GRIMM
    Nick x OC
    Captain America x OC
    Thor x OC
    OC x OC
    Young Bobby x Your Character
    Dean x Your Character
    Sam x Your Character
    Lucifer/Sam x Your Character
    New King of the Cross Roads x Your Character
    Warehouse 13***
    Agent x Agent
    Agent x Regent
    New Agent x Regent &
    Pokemon ***
    Digimon ***
    Korra/Avatar Last Air Bender
    Avatar x Bender
    Avatar x Non-Bender
    Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D***
    Charmed Next Generation**

    Anime/Asian Drama
    Sword Art Online
    Log Horizon
    Kamigami no Asobi
    Boys before Flowers
    City Hunter
    Blue Exorcist
    K Project

    Agents of Shield x Avengers *** &
    Harry Potter x Mortal Instruments & ***
    Rise of Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons
    Harry Potter x Walking Dead ***
    Harry Potter x Supernatural ****
    Harry Potter x Grimm ****

    I am open for others, just ask <3
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  3. [​IMG]

    lime green my character || yellow your character
    bold is either characters
    all plots can be moved to male x male, female x female, male x female, ect

    A Dragon Hunt for It's Mate
    [Medieval Fantasy or Modern Fantasy]
    Dragon Shifter x YC/HUMAN
    [m/f preg/normal preg but we can plot around it if not liked]
    Dragons used to be known all around the world until they disappeared. Now thought of only as myths, stories only found in children books. They do still exist in an area known as the Bermuda Triangle, where their race is the only thing that there. Castles and homes built on an island not just anyone can see and the poor ships that caught in their magic usually taken down. Dragon King and Queen son finally of age to hunt for its mate, but one thing that isn't known they leave the island to find their mate. They can be as human as their original forms, to another creature of some kind. Yet, their children is always dragon dragon blood runs strong in the veins. So the Prince leaves the island and ventures onto the mainland and meets your character. A mark appears on the skin, showing they both are meant for each other. So either the character comes easily with the Prince, or the character is put to sleep.
    {Plot still in the works ><}

    A Letter from an Owl changes Lives
    [Harry Potter ]***
    MC x YC
    [adult characters, pregnancy]
    [really wanting to make MC a female witch and YC the male human, unless we make it a female human and female witch, which magic ends up causing the witch to get pregnant]
    They've known each other since MC was sixteen and YC was thirteen. Yet, MC has been keeping a secret for many years. Why? Because it was against a law to tell someone what you was unless they was married. They became friends because of YC older brother, they had meet when MC got lost traveling the muggle world and YC brother helped him back to their house for the night only to be helped back to where MC was supposed to be. From then on, they stayed all as friends until MC finally made a move when he was twenty-one telling the YC of eighteen years old MC was in love with YC. It was that day on they started to date YC family loved him and took him in hearing his parents had died. Or so he told them. Four years later they are engaged to be married. A letter arrives one day while YC was home and it freaks YC out, a brown owl flying through their open window leaving a letter marked for MC. So YC reads it, freaked out and curious....Letter says MC father is dying and wishes to see MC one last time and meet the fiance who stole MC heart.
    Will they stay together after TC finds out? Will there be other secrets coming out of the bag? Only time will tell, hopefully they can have a happily ever after.

    What If
    [Harry Potter]
    MC/Harry Potter x YC/Cannon or Original
    [Can be a mixture of Male and Female Harem or just one]
    What if the first time going to Gringotts Harry had learned more about his family? A family that was sniffed out because of an old man holding onto power and a Dark Lord going all the wrong way in changing the world? Fast Forward to Sixth year and he takes up the position as Lord Potter-Black and the responsibilities that ends up being his now? Including a Marriage Contracts to dealing with the Dark Lord and the Wizengamot? Maybe even seeing what his true friends and what are his fakes.

    A New Avatar
    [The Last Air Bender / Legend of Korra ]
    Avatar x Bender
    The Avatar hasn't came back since Korra had left the world. NonBenders start wanting to wipe out benders, but they can't. They can control them in a way, stopping their bending by a collar. So of course the Benders fight back. This bender is the child of the Rebellion leader, going on their first mission they are ambushed by nonbenders with tools that almost captures them. THE PERSON steps in and takes their attention letting the other benders get away, after they are gone and the BENDER is almost captured AVATAR appears and SAVES the BENDER sending the nonbenders on their way after attacking them and running away with the bender. They return to the AVATAR village, mixed with benders and nonbenders alike. The Avatar doesn't know whats going on in the other part of the world. At least until now.
    Will he come and fight? Will he be able to live up to his fathers name? Will they be able to put the powers in alignment before the world is destroyed?

    To Save More Then One
    [Gijinka x YC]**
    Something dark has been happening, someone been kidnapping Gijinkas harming them and in the end killing them. It is MC that realizes things are going wrong and leaves another Gijinka in charge and goes hunting. If one saw a Gijinka most would think they are human unless they see their ears or tails, something that's always covered. Even then, some things it just a toy connected to their clothing or connected to their hair. It when they unleash their powers one can really see, or maybe how other pokemon naturally interact with them. So Team Darkness has been kidnapping Gijinka and experimenting on them, trying to figure out what gives them the power to change the way they can. YC being beaten badly by Team Darkness, two of your pokemon in danger of really dying when MC steps in. An explosion happens and knocks YC out and the other two runs away. When YC awakes your pokemon healed and MC sitting there cooking some lunch.
    It is up to them to fight the Darkness. YC wants payback for harming his pokemon. MC wants to stop and save what Gijinka is left in their hands. It's only time before YC starts piecing things together.

    A Soul Bond*
    [Gijinka x YC ]
    YC ends up saving and healing MC at a young age. It then when they bonded, neither of them aware of it at that time and he disappeared from YC life after one day. Of course, YC thought it was just an average pokemon and no one believed him about this pokemon. When MC got older, he realized what happened and wanted to go search for YC, but he could not. He is the leader, the King of the Gijinka Kingdom. A safe haven for all of the Gijinka and pokemon alike. Finally the bond calling for him, so he leaves his Kingdom and goes searching for YC again. They meet, but YC has no idea MC is a Gijinka or that pokemon he saved as a little kid. They end up traveling a bit together, until something happens causing the Gijinka to show his real forum. The same one that has the scar where the pokemon had been hurt when the boy had saved him.
    Can they work it out and become one again? They soul bond leaves them weak and in pain if they are to far from each other at first. Will something else come up before they can fully connect?

    Love doesn't Always Come in Pairs*
    [Spy x Spy x Spy x Spy x Normal Character Turned Spy]
    [Harem / Five some / Happy Group / Age Gap With Some Characters]
    [Can be easily be any romance pairing]
    [This can be for college or highschool 17/19 year old. ]
    Something been going on in school, four unknown deaths has happen. No one can figure out WHY. So THEY was called in. Two new students in school as well as a new teacher and a new nurse/counselor. They are part of an organization who gathers children from bad situations and brings them into another school and trains them. Once they pass certain tests they put into groups to work together, they become family with each other. Some stay in contact with parts of their old family, while others fully break away from them. YC is in a bad situation, YC family is horrible, or what left of his family. SPY befriends YC one day. Slowly the other SPYS start becoming friends with him. One night YC comes to SPY house oddly not far away from his place. And is hurt, so he takes him in and helps heals with him while he calls his other friends in. They take him under their wing and slowly each of them starts falling in love with the poor boy. While YC learns about each person he starts to fall for them to, but has no idea how to handle it.
    I have more ideas for it, but I don't wanna ruin all the fun <3

    The Brothers/Sisters Sage
    [Twin 1 x YC x Twin 2 ]
    [Threesome // Twins // Fantasy // Vampires]
    YC is a sweet outgoing and charming guy with just the right amount of spunk. Finally being freed of the parental units and just turning UP TO YOU AGE he gets a job at a local underground Gothic Night Club. It's the dream job... Or so he thinks at first. Until one night He meets the TWIN 1. At first he seems charming enough and very much into him... And YC being an openly gay male he doesn't mind it at all... since he's so attractive it make it a win win... But then things start getting more... intense. Twin 1 can't keep his hands off him and lure him into one of the private rooms the club has to offer. At first YC thinks he's the luckiest guy/girl on the planet... but that changes once Twin 2 steps in, the owner of the club, he about to freak out and run out of the room until they embrace him and then they sink their fangs into his flesh...

    Enslaved by the Boss
    [YC x MC ]
    [Modern ]
    YC made the mistake of pick-pocketing a Mafia right before he had a meeting with an embassy official. When crime lord MC can't produce his identification he misses the important meeting. MC has YC captured with the intention of torturing him/her to death. When he/she sees how beautiful YC is, MC decides to make him/her his slave instead.

    A Supernatural and Harry Potter Cross Over****

    What if Harry Potter Mothers Family was part of the Men of Letters? Part of the Branch of The London Chapter House . Their death had been caused by Monsters, Monsters that Lily had not even been aware of before her death.
    It was the death of Petunia that had Dudley calling Harry a few days after he turned Twenty-Seven finding an old box with weird symbols on it. Returning to the house he refused to, he dropped by picking it up.
    Sam has been kidnapped and being taken to England. Because Harry following the clues in the book causes him to meet the woman who has Sam. She had known his Grandparents for a moment of time, they were together gathering information when they were killed.
    Cass and Dean and Mary on the hunt for Sam.
    Can Sam convince Harry that he is not the bad guy? Or will he be following Toni? What will happen if the old man finds out that he is a Wizard? One of Gods Children who was blessed with magic purer then the Witches that they normally death with?
    Harry never married Ginny.

    I want to play Harry for sure.

    I can play Castiel, Sam, Dean, OC [Crowley for a NPC]
    [This plot is open using OCs or even bringing one or two people back from the dead, as I could play a Younger Bobby]
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  4. I have an original universe, I am looking for a male vampire companion to play against my female (semi-human) If you would be open to that, could you reply here or through PMs? I would also be open to a story line of a King of Thieves(preferably male) and Princess. I have a character to fit the princess role, I believe. :)!
  5. I'm interested in doing either The brothers/sisters sage or Love doesn't always come in pairs.
  6. Would you be against doing a Draco/OC rp? We can double up and do another one of your pairings as well! :o
  7. Would you be willing to do this?
  8. If you're still looking for a partner I'm interested in doing the Love doesn't Always Come in Pairs idea.
  9. If you're interested, I'd like to do a Sword Art Online inspired RP. I'm hoping to play a young adult male with emotional scars looking to escape his past through a VR game similar to SAO's games. I of course wish for there to be a girl for him to fall in love with and party-up with, and am up for either a stat-enhanced RP, or a character-development-centric RP. We could also discuss some other RPs to do. PM me if you're interested.
  10. I'd love to do a Harry Potter themed rp with you! I'm a total potterhead to be honest but for some reason I've never done a rp XD
  11. Hi! I'd love to do a Harry Potter pairing with you! I have an OC i'm dying to use and I'm more than willing to double if you'd like to play an oc as well!
  12. Still Seeking Roleplays!!

    Also a new Plot up


    To those who sees this I am working on replies as we speak!!​
  13. Still Seeking Roleplays!!


    Anyone see the new episode of Supernatural?
  14. Craving some Medieval Stuff. Supernatural TV Show. Harry Potter..My plot for Harry Potter and Supernatural Crossover.
  15. Interest me! I'm curious about the plots for the two that have one. ;v;
  16. Hi!!! I'd love to do one of these or both if possible!! Mxm preferred!

    A Soul Bond*

    A Dragon Hunt for Its Mate
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