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  1. So it has been quite a while since I've been on Iwaku, but I've returned with really a sole intent, but because I don't have much time on my hands a bit full, I'll stop looking for partners when I get what I can handle. ^.^ So my name is Shadow, but some people call me Reyna now. I'm looking for new partners and just read below when you're ready to continue! ^^

    rules (open)

    • So, I'm looking for a bid of dark themes. It's kind of what I'm in the mood for, but some won't be dark. There will be some nice comfy themes I guess you could say! XD We'll go over limits and such!
    • If you can't handle something let me know! ^^
    • I can't play a dark character for the life of me, I really can't. I can play evil, sort of, I'm practicing!
    • I prefer to play female, but I'm willing to double! ^^
    • PM is what I prefer, I check PM's more often.
    • I have a life, I do get rather busy. I volunteer a great deal at the shelter and I take my writing very seriously, so I write while I have free time, but I will most likely get an answer to you!
    • I'll reply as much as possible during the week. After a week of inactivity, I will bump it unless I'm informed otherwise. :)

    So I have a few ideas in mind, open the hiders to see what lies waiting!


    Demon x Princess (open)

    Gore, Mature themes, probably a little torture.
    So I had something in mind for this one:
    Her parents have always wanted her to marry someone, but recent events have pushed that back and the princess is required to get a bodyguard who she picks out and he's a demon. Though the person that deems to marry her only wants her throne. With her parents murdered by him himself, nothing stands in his way other than her demon.
    I prefer the princess and romance will be the demon and the princess, I have much more details, but they're usually changed.

    POW Camp (open)

    Tortue, Gore, Mature themes(not even close to being historically accurate!)
    A Concentration camp is a horrible place, especially for a woman. A young doctor is brought in to assist the wounded as well as soldiers, but she had no choice as an American. Her life there would be awful, she knew that, but she never expected to be protect by one she held hatred for. Even some hold kindness.
    I prefer the doctor, this isn't much of a plot...but I do have things in mind

    Other(no plot, * is what I'd prefer)
    Knight x Queen*
    King x Knight*


    Well, this speaks for itself, but there's one in particular I would love to do!

    The Patriot (open)

    I don't have to explain the themes I am hoping, but if you've seen it, believe me, you'll know!
    My main pairing is:
    Tavington x OC*
    My idea would be basically sort of like back to the future, but two twins are thrown into the past and can't return to the future anyways!


    Indiana Jones(can't get enough Indy!)
    Indiana x OC*
    (Maybe a movie pairing)

    The Hobbit/LotR(I sort of have an idea)
    Thranduil x OC*
    Legolas x Taruiel*
    Legolas x OC*
    (My main fav, I am open to suggestions!)

    I'll add more stuff tomorrow!
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  2. I'm interested! I have no limits except for pregnancy (unless it makes sense as the story progresses, I just don't like pregnancy as a means of torture).
    I prefer playing male characters, so I wouldn't mind that at all. I like the demon idea, but I'm a little confused on the POW one, like how to story would progress and things like that.
    I haven't seriously RP'd in awhile, but would like to get back into it with a serious partner!
  3. Wondeful! Well, the story would progress through war and probably the death of other prisoners. It's complicated to explain, but it would progress through different means such as invasions, one of the characters becoming wounded, and would immensely progress towards the end of the war. Basically what I'm trying to get across. But wondeful! Just shoot me a PM and we'll get to chatting about it! ^^
  4. Absolutely searching!
  5. I'm really into the Demon x princess. Just PM so we can talk it over
  6. I'm interested and have a few ideas of my own, if you wish to roleplay.
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