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So I'm looking for more partners. I have a few rp ideas that I really want to do, one that I am really craving will have a star on it.

But there are a couple things that I will not do, that includes and not limited to:

-Any character under the age of 20 I will not do lib with.
-Adding to that, to do a libertine roleplay with me, you have to be 20 years old. I know the site rules are 18+, but these are my own set rules that I go by. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Now onto the plots that I had!

Gang Member x Rival Gang Member

New York City is full to the rim of gangs. But none are so bad as the Lazuli and the Blades. The two are fighting for territory and both are incredibly strong.

However, a couple of twenty (early twenties) years olds from both gangs have been in the gang since they were very young due to family ties, but neither really see the point. A fight inside a parking garage leaves many of the fighters injured, including the young member from the Lazuli. He's taken captive by the Blades, but the Blade member that captured him has no idea what to do. She feels compassion for someone she might have injured herself over something she, nor he, really understands. Both go missing from their gangs as they try and figure out what to do; eventually they both decide to try and leave their gangs and seek out a better life, but their families want them both back. So, the two flee, but try as they might, they always seem to run into the same problem; they are family to the leaders of the gang. Running away might as well be like nailing jelly to a tree.

Pirates of the Lost World*

In a world full of hatred and greed, it wasn't hard for so many to turn to piracy. In this case however it is a group of youngsters who have lost their families. Some come from very rich families but yern for what it truly means to be close to someone, some yern to never be hungry again. Whatever case, they all run to Captain Brooks, a man known for taking in orphans and turning them into something great. One day, he takes in a young woman (rather by force as he's heard of how influential she is and takes her captive) on deck. Nobody has seen the captain so taken with anyone since his love interest died in a battle with the British. She's already promised to another person, someone in the King's Court in England. A Nobleman who was close to the queen. But these pirates are good enough to pull the heist off.

I will add more when I come up with more.

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I'm interested in the pirate one, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. :) pm me?
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