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fandoms, yuri, fantasy, dark themed slice of life
Hey and thanks for checking out my thread. Here's the deal, I love Fandoms. I can't get enough for them. In general, I love Marvel the most. I will do anything, even if I have to research a character and their back ground. (( I've researched most of the characters for the avengers because I was bored.)) Let's say Marvel isn't your thing, okay, that's cool. I'm into Being human (I've only seen up to a certain season.), American Horror Story, Assassin's creed ( Nothing to do with the newer game.), Teen titans, Disney, Harry Potter, Hellsing, Naruto, Wolf's rain, Supernatural, soul eater, Tokyo Ghoul ( I've only seen up to a certain episode), Attack on Titan. And I love anything to do with Harley and Ivy. Just don't expect super detailed knowledge on anything that has been happening in the comics to do with these two characters.

Also, any gender pairing works for me. Send me a PM if you are interested.
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