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  1. Hi guys you can call me Lila, for that is my name! I am a very mature roleplayer and can write as much as my partner does.

    I need someone who can make a complex plot with me. I am a very loyal partner.

    I do strictly mxf and fxf. I do sex with a good plot. I have some plots below, all can be changed or twisted around or completely different!

    These are a couple of my favorite ones! I do many that are not here:
    Professor x student

    P meets S at a club, they hit it off instantly and sparks fly. They go to P's home and have a one night stand. It is three weeks later that S enters the classroom and they find P is the professor.
    *very basic plot, can add twists*

    Gang leader x Opposite gang leader

    Muse A and Muse B go to highschool together. They had a thing but were never actually a couple. A loses virginity to B so that is a big deal to her. They don't see each other for a good year, then they see each other next at a gang fight. They can't tell what they have--- or how this is going to work. They obviously have feelings, they just try to deny them.


    Boss x Employee
    Muse A and Muse B new each other in high school. Muse B is was a football star and Muse A a book worm. At a party Muse A loses their virginity to Muse B, but he pretends like it never happened. Muse A gets to the top and Muse B ends up working for them. Muse A is very cold and anti-social in this buissness. Muse B gets dared to get Muse A into bed, a hazing tactic. They end up developing feelings and after he gets her into bed it is than announced at the office that he won the bet and yea.

    Best friend x Brother
    Muse A meets Muse B at a party, neither know each other and have a one night stand. Muse A loses their virginity. Muse B is a party animal and has very strict parents, they get kicked out of their home. They move in with their best friend, who happens to be Muse A's very protective older brother.

    Teacher x Parent
    Club owner x Dancer
    Body guard x protected
    Step father x step daughter
    Step brother x step sister

    And open to lots of pairings!

    Once upon a time
    How to get away with murder
    Criminal minds
    Hunger games
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  2. Hi are you still looking?
  3. Yup :) feel free to shoot me a pm!
  4. I have some more plots:
    Principle's son x Teacher
    Arranged marriage
    Friends with benefits
  5. I Have a couple people but need a couple more. I am on all day and can respond at least 5 times and up to 15.
  6. Would you be up for doing a FxF hunger games RP with me?
  7. Still looking! I am on every day all day!
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