Searching for Partners

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  1. First up, I just love nonhuman partners. I love playing a human character that pairs with an inhuman one (alien, robot, werewolf, demon, angel, you name it.) Not animals, I don't do bestiality, but beastly characters are all good! I'll also pair with normal old humans, but they have to be at least very manly and rugged ;D I also really love fandoms.

    1. Fallout Series. Ghouls and supermutants and cowboys! I have pretty extensive knowledge of Fallout lore, so this is one of my top requests. I like pretty much all ghoul and peaceful supermutant characters, as well as Brotherhood of Steel members and NCR rangers; I'll enjoy canon characters and OC alike. (I have a special affection for Gob and Marcus, though.)

    2. Mass Effect. I'm into pretty much all alien races in Mass Effect, in particular turians and krogans, but all are good to me. I'd rather not RP as Shepard, since she has such a strong personality, but if that's what will get me some sweet alien genitalia, I could probably be convinced.

    3. Elder Scrolls. I'm most familiar with Oblivion and Skyrim. I don't need the beastly bit going on here; it would be nice, but I simply enjoy the world of Elder Scrolls so much that I will play pretty much any scenario in it. I would enjoy a nice manly Nord or Orc though. (Or maybe even a daedra?)

    If you think of something else that might interest me, pretty please let me know! I would also enjoy original plots, but I don't have any of my own brewing at the moment.
  2. Skyrim interest spike~! ^o^ I don't have many (none) ideas, but maybe we could plot?
  3. Sure! I'll send you a PM ;D
  4. Howabout Mass Effect fun times? We shall begin plotting if you are interested.
  5. You know it, my soapy compadre