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Searching for partners.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Darling Araneae, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. All these ideas would need to have someone play as the female role.

    He Stole The Queen's Heart: YC is a young queen who has married into a dysfunctional royal family. Though her husband, the king, is even-tempered and kind-hearted, there are constant feuds between the king’s siblings who rule the neighboring kingdoms. During a lavish banquet, a fierce swordfight breaks out between rival members of the noble family and the good king is slain in the process of trying to keep the peace. Sadness sweeps over the kingdom and other rulers from far and wide come to the funeral to pay their condolences to the bereaved queen. MC, a beautiful elf who is next in line to their throne, dutifully makes the journey on behalf of their ailing father though they want nothing to do with kingship or the responsibilities that the crown entails. When two meet, they discover that they are kindred spirits, YC never wanted to be royalty either. The unlikely pair decide to run away together in the dead of night...

    A Demonic Encounter: YC, a paranormal enthusiast and is determined to win a contest held by their local radio station. If they can spend the night in an abandoned mental institution, they get front row seats to their favorite musical artist. It seems harmless enough, but the other contestants start disappearing, and when YC goes to investigate on why they are disappearing, they find MC, a dark, deranged man with demon like qualities in the middle of performing grisly acts on them. It’s up to YC to try to save the others or save themselves.

    Ghostly Lover: YC has just moved to a new town and into an old house. They start to find it weird that no neighbors have come by to welcome them to the neighborhood, but don’t think much of it. While working in the yard, YC is approached by MC, who welcomes them to their new house and becomes a fast friend. They start spending time together, and soon enough, their friendship starts turning into more. Just as YC confesses their feelings for MC, MC reveals that they aren’t actually human. They’re the ghost of their former self, bound to the house that they use to own for the rest of eternity. YC has to decide if they can accept Muse B as who they really are and whether they want to remain in the house, or relocate.
  2. I love the plot for he stole the Queens heart.
  3. I enjoy Ghostly Lover.
  4. I would love to roleplay Demonic Encounter if you're interested :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.