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  1. Hello~~ I'm back from my 3-4 hiatus and looking to jump back into roleplaying.

    Now, a little about me. I'm a female and prefer playing female roles, but I'm willing to play a male. My standard posts are usually 1-3 paragraphs and I expect the same from my partners. When roleplaying, I'd like a mix of both romance and smut.

    I'm not looking for anything specifically, so feel free to throw some ideas out at me. I'm a fan of cliche pairings and such, especially fantasy based ones. When roleplaying, I prefer using anime pictures. I am open to roleplaying to anime fandoms.

    Please message me if interested :3
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  2. Always open for RPs
  3. I got a few RPs.
  4. Please message me~
  5. I got a few ideas we can do
  6. Please message me~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.