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So my school starts on Monday, but I've found myself running low on RPs. What does that mean, you ask? That I don't have procrastination material for when homework comes around!

Since we can't have that I'm opening up a request thread.

*Note: If you are looking for a consistent, reliable partner please go run away now. I'm prone to disappearing A LOT. I'll eventually come back (usually) but please be patient with me. I'll try to tell you before long absences but I usually end up going 'I'll have time to get a response tomorrow, I won't tell them yet' then have that keep going for a long while. The loop always manages to suck me in no matter what I do. D: Also, you will usually get more responses from me if I don't feel pressured to post every so often. My muse is really a very fickle thing and it gets scared easily. XD -pats her cowering muse-

-A Little About Me-
From what I've seen, I classify as an adept-advanced writer. I have a slight tendency to ramble with my posts, and can turn out things that surpass ten paragraphs, but I tend to just give back what is given to me. If you give me a novel I'll be more than happy to return the favor, though I do ask that my partner's posts don't go below a substantial paragraph per character.

I am below the age of eighteen, just as a heads up. I do not usually do any smut within my roleplays, though general romance usually flies well with me (alright, admittedly I'm craving a bit of romance at the moment). I just need to have a solid plot beneath it. I will play both genders, though I prefer to double up if anything. On that note, I LOVE playing multiple characters. My minimum is usually two, and I can go up to ten/twenty+ if you want me to. :D

I do not roleplay slice of life. I roleplay to get out of my world, please don't try to throw me back into it (no offense to the world, of course). c: Generally I don't like playing sci-fi 1x1s, though for some reason sci-fi group roleplays tend to draw me in. I don't know why. That being said, if you have a sci-fi plot / idea that you'd like to play feel free to ask me about it but I can't promise that I'll buy into it. I'm just not all that good with developing technology ideas and whatnot, magic and stuff sits much better with me. Despite that feel free to poke me about sci-fi things! I'm friendly! Sort of. Slightly. Not really. Ahem.

What do I actually play then, you ask? I'll tell you. 8D

-High Fantasy
-Mid Fantasy
-Low Fantasy
-Medieval Fantasy
-Modern Fantasy
-Any Fantasy
-Did I mention fantasy?

But in all seriousness, I will do virtually any fantasy RP. For a more comprehensive list:

-Fantasy (I'm partial to anything with elves in it)
-Adventure / Action
-Fighting / Combat
-Sci-Fi (Depending on plot)
-Animals (Wolves/ect, depending on plot)
-Romance (Usually fade-to-black, but I can try doing some more graphic stuff depending on the partner. Keep in mind I am VERY inexperienced haha.)​

-On the Topic of Partners-
I'm afraid since I do only have a limited amount of time on my hands right now, I will have to be picky. I want to get a RP going that I'll really enjoy and want to reply to, not something that I will be trying to avoid almost as much as incoming homework. xD A lot of my enjoyment hinges on my partner. I want somebody with good grammar/spelling - length isn't that much of a problem but I'd prefer at least two paragraphs per character. Please don't post/PM me if you don't think you can meet this requirement, I don't like letting people down. D:

I also like interacting with my partners! I don't often have solid plots in mind so I'd like to brainstorm and create something that'll be entertaining for us both. Also, I've made a good deal of partners RPing and I'd like to continue the tradition. ^-^ Chat will probably be through PM, and I generally prefer RPing by thread (though I'll also do PM RPs). I would prefer to stay on-site though, but if you'd like to chat through skype I can do that too. c:

... I have nothing. /shot
If you have a plot (or even pairing though I'm less willing to work off of that), -please- say so! If not just poke me anyway and we can come up with something.

-RP Examples-
The Spirit of the Wolves (With the wonderful Shelby, who is also looking for partners!)
... And that's my only active thread RP at the moment. I've sort of disappeared on others. -shuffles feet in guilt- Then I've got one in PMs. And then I was in a few group RPs but they're either dead or in a coma. owo

Anyhow, I look forward to hearing from you! Please PM me if you read this all the way through and are interested in RPing with me. :3

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Color me interested, I've been meaning to do a fantasy RP for a while. Should I PM you?
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