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  1. Hi I welcome you to my little partner searchy thread. :D


    1. I want you to be as active as possible.

    2. Don't ditch me. Tell me if you don't like the rp or if you aren't going to be able to post for a certain amount of time.

    3. Please don't give me one line in reply.

    4. Please be able to play more than one character.

    5. Please be able to play male and female characters.

    6. I will need your help coming up with a plot.

    7. I will do MxF and FxF

    8. Have fun!

    Ok. I may not have plot ideas, but I have pairings! I will be flexible about which ones I play but the underlined ones are the ones I want. Slashed ones are ones that are currently unavailable, but might become available again.

    Angel x Angel

    Angel (or human) x Exiled Angel

    Demon x Angel

    Demon x Human

    Shapeshifter x Shapeshifter

    Shapeshifter x Human

    Neko x Neko

    Neko x Human

    Dragon Tamer x Dragon hunter

    I'm open to most suggestions!

    If someone asks me to do a rp with them, I may not mark it off as taken. I would be for one of two reasons, either I forgot, which is very likely, or I might be still interested in doing that pairing again. :)​
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  2. I've been trying to set up a demon x human RP for a while, so that pairing would be one that I'm most interested in.

    If interested, are you okay with playing the demon in an RP? c:
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  3. Very interested in rping Angel x Exiled Angel if your still looking for a rp buddy or a Angel x Demon.
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  4. @Riko I'd actually prefer doing the demon in that pairing. Would you mind pming me?

    @MaskedDemon Ok I actually had an Idea for the Angel x Exiled Angel if you were more interested in that one.
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  5. Sure I don't mind lets get a pm going and we can hash out dem details.
  6. pm me I would love to RP
  7. I have updated.
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