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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name's Samantha, Sam, Sami, whatever you'd like to call me. So, I'm looking for a partner or a few partners. All I ask is follow Iwaku's rule, no one liners, decent grammar and let me know if you will be away. If you are under 18 I will still rp with you, there won't be anything sexual just the kissing book stuff.

    Also, feel free to suggest others you don't see.


    -MxM, FxF. I don't mind it just I'm not comfortable with it unless you can convince me to give it a try.
    -Nothing weird/gross sexual wise

    Now for what roleplays I do. For some it's been a while since I've last done them.

    -Modern Fantasy
    -Medieval Fantasy

    Bold-preferred role
    *-craving (5 is max)
    #-plot ideas

    -Vampire x human
    -Vampire x Other supernatural being
    -Werewolf x human
    -Werewolf x Other supernatural being
    -Lycanthrope (something besides awolf) x human
    -Lycanthrope x Lycanthrope
    -Elf x human
    -Elf x Other supernatural being
    -Angel x human
    -Angel x demon
    -Angel x Other supernatural being
    -Demon x Human ****
    -Demon x Other supernatural being ****
    -Furry x Furry
    -Furry x Human
    -Master x Slave
    -Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider
    -Superhero/Supervillianx Superhero/Supervillian

    -Convict x Victim
    -Captured Mercenary x Agent ***
    -Mercenary x Undercover Agent ***
    -Agent x Agent
    -Rogue Agent x Agent ****
    -Mercenary x Mercenary

    -The Last of Us *****
    -Uncharted *****
    -Dead Space
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -The Order: 1886
    -The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ****

    Animes, Cartoons
    -Seven Deadly Sins
    -Dragon Ball
    -Avatar: The Last Airbender
    -The Legend of Korra

    -Victor Creed (Sabretooth) x OC ***** #
    -James Howlett (Wolverine) x OC
    -Wade Wilson (Deadpool) x OC *****
    -Remy Lebeau (Gambit) x OC
    -Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) x OC
    -Thor x OC
    -Loki x OC
    -Tony Stark (Ironman) x OC **
    -Ivan Vanko (Whiplash) x OC
    -Steve Rogers (Captain America) x OC
    -Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) x OC
    -Clint Barton (Hawkeye) x OC ***
    -Bruce Banner (Hulk) x OC
    -Eddie Brock (Venom) x OC

    DC Comics
    -Joker x OC
    -Jonah Hex x OC
    -Oliver Quinn (Green Arrow) x OC

    The Walking Dead
    -Daryl Dixon x OC
    -Merle Dixon x OC
    -OC x OC

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    -Jack Sparrow x OC
    -OC x OC

    Lord of the Rings
    -Aragorn x OC
    -Legolas x OC
    -OC x OC

    Criminal Minds
    How to Train Your Dragon
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  2. Hey there I am really interested if it is Ok cant we do the Last of us , Deadpool x Oc , or Angel x demon ?
  3. Alrighty let's get a pm going and hash out those ideas.
  4. I'm interested, sending you a PM!
  5. Interested! Shoot me a pm anytime, I'm on mobile and it's hard to start a convo >~<
  6. Are you still looking for someone to do the jack sparrow x OC or the vampire x human?
  7. Still looking for a few.

    Really interested in Captured Mercenary/Rogue(EX) Agent x Agent(Or can be someone else). Have somewhat of an idea for this.
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  8. pm me . I wanna RP with u
  9. Still looking.
  10. I'm interested! I'm going to send you a pm.
  11. Hi! I'm still new to the site, so I'm not sure how everything works just yet; I'm really interested in doing a Fantasy or Horror roleplay with you though. Pairing-wise, I'm especially smitten with the idea of Werewolf x Anything, Angel x Anything, or Demon x Anything. I'm not new to roleplay but I will need some guidance/expectations from you due to my general newbie-ness. Shoot me a PM if interested! :glassesrose:
  12. I'd be willing to do a furry x furry or an elf x human rp with you :) I'll send you a pm
  13. Still searching.
  14. Still searching. Really interested in a Rogue Agent x Agent.
  15. I maybe have missed it. I do apologize if i did but do you perhaps double?
    I am interested in a Marvel rp :)
  16. @Shadowsiren Yes I can double! I'll send you a PM and we can discuss the rp.
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  17. Still searching.
  18. Hello, Would you like to do Rogue Agent x Agent with me?
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