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  1. Hello all I had a couple ideas for some 1x1 RPs and decided to throw this up! Here's some stuff about me!

    • I'm guy in my senior year at high school.
    • I kill off my own characters quite a lot. If the kind of RP we're doing is going to have multiple characters I'm probably going to kill off one of mine. I'm mean like that.
    • I suck at adding fluff to my own posts. I don't really care if anyone else does it but I personally suck at it.
    • My posts can sometimes be really long and sometimes just a paragraph. I'll try to keep a standard but sometimes I just can't come up with more to write.
    • I can write as both genders, though since I'm male I'm going to be better at writing from a male perspective.
    • I'm alright with a romance between our characters in the RP but I'd prefer it to be MxF with me on the male end.
    • I don't do smut. Sorry, just haven't done it and not too interested in it. If anything does happen between the characters I'd prefer fade-to-black.

    Anyway onto ideas!

    I'm mostly interested in fantasy and supernatural kinds of genres right now so here's a couple starters to spark off:

    Supernatural ideas:
    Note: I really like being the hunter in most perspectives, but I'm still good with being the supernatural.

    Hunter kidnapped by a supernatural.
    Hunter group vs. Supernatural group feud in city.
    Recently turned supernatural who's finding out about the new world they're introduced to.
    A supernatural who's on the run from a hunter which goes all across the US, maybe even the world.

    Fantasy Ideas:

    Game of Thrones-esque courtly intrigue.
    Bodyguard assisting a royalty member to escape from an enemy assassin.

    That's all I got so far. Go ahead and post or PM me if interested! If you have any other ideas you're interested in just tell me!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.