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  1. Hello everyone! This once again is CarnivorousDistaste.

    About me

    I am a mirror poster, and often I can match the length of my partner's posts. However, I would say that I am most comfortable with 2-5 paragraphs per post.
    I do prefer dominant roles, but I can play submissive if I have to.
    I enjoy to have both an OOC thread and an IC thread, just to keep things organized and so questions can be addressed!
    I also enjoy planning ahead for roleplays. It helps to keep things going and alive.
    I can do both male and female roles! I don't truly have a preference.
    The only thing I don't really enjoy is FxF, but I will do MxM or MxF.
    I would say that I am a kind person, so don't feel intimidated to ask me questions or anything of the like as we roleplay together!
    If I don't reply for a few days, assume I have forgotten and pester me!
    Anything else in regards to my roleplay preferences can probably be found on my resume. Feel free to look!

    Roleplay Pairings

    Preferred roles will be purple.

    Male x Male
    Male x Female


    Master x Servant
    Familiar x Witch
    God(ess) x Subject
    Kitsune x Human
    Monster x Human

    Angel x Demon
    Demon x Contractor
    Enemy x Enemy

    Vampire x Blood Slave
    Master x Neko


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      Needed Role¦ Human Male
      Male x Female
      Witch x Familiar

      Genres¦ Fantasy, romance, drama, medieval, action, adventure, possible horror.

      Hello! This roleplay is a new one, and so I am very open to suggestions towards the plot and starter. Don't feel shy to send in any suggestions or anything of the like, for I would be happy to hear whatever you have to say! It is similar to one of my old roleplays, but I have made quite a bit of it!


      Five Years Ago, Winter.
      Shimmering specks of snow softly drifted and danced within the gentle breeze, swirling in spirals downwards until they joined with their kin who had already blanketed the ground. The village was coated in a frosty layer of white. The air was chilling, and from the roofs of tiny cottages hung small spikes of ice. The clouds above held a near pitch blank coloring, due to the fact that the sun had already retreated behind the mountains. Now, all that remained was a faint silver glow which resided behind on of the many thick clouds: the moon.
      Softly, the snow crunched in a slow tempo. Leaving behind her a long, winding trail of footsteps was a small girl, one who couldn't be over the age of 15. Floating at her side was a small orb of stainless, vivid light, breaking the darkness with ease and allowing the girl to see her path. Behind her, a small cascade of white hair flowed in the air, it's twisted strands dancing and curling within the wind. Around her small figure was a white dress, topped by an open black cloak. It was hugged close to her body, likely to keep her warm. Two white fur boots went up to the center of her calf, while tights kept her legs warmed. Atop her head was a long pointed hat of white coloring, complemented by light blue bows. It was easy for one to tell just what this girl was only by looking at her, a witch. A monster, allianced with the Devil himself. A person who was feared, hunted, and hated, yet she woke so freely about the night, uncaring in regards to the homes next to her. It wasn't as if anyone within this little town would have the courage to come out and face a person like her, at least... this was what she believed.

      Nearby, within one of the many cottages a man stared out the window. Behind him stood his wife, while in the corner of the room his son sat. The boy stared ahead at his father whom had eyes of rage, locked upon the girl who was only yards away outside. "Damn witches," he growled under his breath, his hand curling into a fist at his side and trembling ever so slightly due to how tight his grip was. "How dare they show their faces here... They know they aren't welcomed here." The father's jaw grew tense, before suddenly he turned away from the window. He crossed the room in silence, his wife watching as he retrieved a hunting bow from the corner. His wife, easily guessing what he was up too quickly made her way to his side, placing a hand on his shoulder and providing a small shake of her head. "Stay inside," she said, her voice soft and worryful. "You won't be able to hold your ground against a witch, it's just not possible... Let's just allow her to pass through." The man was persistent, shaking his head as she stood up tall. He now held the bow in his hand, a couple arrows within the other. Ignoring the small pleas and barters his wife made to keep him inside, the man walked over to the door and soon enough he was out of the reach of his lover. He left her alone to remain with their child, shutting the door behind him.
      The father made his way into the shadows off his home, watching as slowly that witch walked by. She seemed not to notice him, the orb at her side dancing in little swirls, her pale cyan eyes placed blankly on the path ahead of her. Thinking this to be his chance, he quickly took one of his arrows from the ground at his side. He prepared his shot, lining up the arrow and taking aim. After about half a minute, he was sure that he was ready, and allowed the weapon to fire. Easily, the arrow sliced through air with a threatening hiss, closing in on it's prey with amazing speed. Yet, it wasn't enough. The witch's gaze traveled over in the man's direction, watching as the arrow drew near. The moment it got just a bit too close to her, it shattered.
      The broken arrow fell and scattered upon the snowy ground, the witch's gaze fixed on it for only a moment. After staring for just a bit, her eyes soon traveled up and locked with the gaze of the man only yards away, quivering in the shadows. Almost instantly, those eyes burned a fear deep into the gut of the father. He froze. The arrow at his side had been forgotten, and the bow dropped. He did nothing but sit and stare as slowly the girl approached him. A smirk had come to occupy her lips, her gray eyes turning icy and daring. Only a moment later, a loud scream echoed out into the night... then, silence.

      The boy, curious about the fate of his father had returned to the window at this point. That scream was unnerving, but he didn't know why. In his eyes, his father was invisible. The man had always been there for him, and in the tiny world of this child, his father was the strongest man alive. He watched attentively, awaiting the return of his father, but that time would never come. Instead, he was met with a sight much undesired. The girl, the witch, had once again resumed her walk. Only now, the ivory of her dress had multiple maroon stains. Her eyes had grown colder, the light at her side brighter.
      It was this day, that your father died.

      Present Day, Spring.
      It seemed finally, it was time. You stood before an old, broken castle within the heart of a forest. The structure was aged and falling apart, built up by broken stones and cobwebs. Vines had made themselves a home along it's side, while moss clung to the ashen stones just as tightly as it could. The door was open, unlocked. It was surprising that such a place would have so little defense, but this didn't bug you. It only made things easier. Today was the day that you would go to claim vengeance for the death of your father.
      It had been five years since that terrible winter night, yet still you can recall that horrible girl so easily. The opulent hair of white which blended so nicely with the snowy surroundings, the cold and uncaring cyan eyes, her dress dirtied and stained by the blood of the man whom you had loved so much. After so much time, you managed to track her down. The Ivory Witch, a girl of white who roamed the lands in the darkness of night. You learned from a darker source that this was where she chose to reside, within the confinements of this abandoned structure and city. In your hand you held a sword, its blade coated in a thin layer of poison. You needed only to strike the witch once, and it all would be over... but you failed to comprehend the ability of the girl you were about to face. You knew not how hopeless this fight was, how weak you truly were. One hit, that was all, but could you manage even that?


      5ft 9 in

      120 Ponds

      Lillian Sage -- Luna

      The Ivory Witch



      Lillian, due to living on her own is skilled in many things. She is an amazing cook, she can clean, and she can take care of herself. While it isn't her greatest talent, Lillian certainly is a good medic. She had needed to tend to how own wounds many times in the past, and at times she chose not to use her magic to complete this task. It would be wasteful and unnecessary. She couldn't use magic constantly, and so she tried to reserve just as much power as she could even when she was not engaged in combat. She never did know when she may need it after all, and so it was best just to remain careful. Lillian can take care of basic wounds with natural materials. Flesh wounds and broken bones were both things that she could take care of without the use of magic, but almost anything past that would be too difficult for her to treat with skill alone. Organ damage, poison, some sicknesses, all would be too difficult for her to handle. In addition to this, Lillian is an amazing swordsman. While she is a witch, still physical weaponry would be needed from time to time, and so she had trade herself in the art of the blade. She puts up quite a fight. One would need to bring their all in order to defeat her, but still sometimes even that is not enough. She is a powerful force, one not to be tampered with. Lastly, Lillian is experience with many settle arts. Drawing, writing, music, she loved them all. As a result, she has grown to be rather skillful in that area. While she is far from being the best artist or musician, her skill is still above average.

      •Illusions/Emotion Manipulation: Lillian can hack into the brain of a target, and from there contort what their feelings and senses to whatever she may wish. This ability doesn't work on everyone, for she does need an opening to get inside. One with a strong mind or will would be harder to manipulate than those who are open and vulnerable. In addition, she can only amplify present feelings. She cannot implant something new entirely. In order to make someone mad, she would first need them to hold a bit of anger inside of them, and the same goes for any other emotion.
      •Spiritual power: Like most witches, Lillian can tap into the spiritual world. She can ask spirits for information, or even fortunes. Advice, prophecies, she is capable of collected most anything from the spirit realm. This is also what she uses to make things like curses. To curse a person, she needs only to convince a spirit or even a demon to aid her. Once she does this, that spirit will torment the poor soul who she had chosen, until the curse ends or Lillian calls it off.
      •Ice Manipulation: Lilian has the ability to create and control ice and use it as a weapon against her target. From shooting shards to creating weapons, she can do quite a bit with this power. This also allows her control of water, though she doesn't use it as much as she does ice due to the fact that it takes more energy to control a liquid than a solid.
      •Ties: This is the ability to sense and locate people who Lillian had been in contact with before. She will be able to tell where they are and what condition they are in only by thinking about them.
      •Basic powers of a witch: As a witch, Lillian has the ability to access magic. She can teach herself new forms of it, and control it. This is an ability that not many people have, and so she treasures it dearly. In addition, Lillian has the power to make or claim a familiar. To do this, she must share something of her own with her target. Any piece of herself, blood most ideally, must be consumed by the person whom she desires to make her familiar. However, to make someone a familiar causes the target terrible amounts of pain for about half an hour, while the witch's mark will be carved into them.

      Lilian is a bold but quiet girl. She speaks when she wants to, and when she feels it is necessary, but she is not one to engage in meaningless babble. She can be pretty demanding at times, perhaps even picky. She can easily take the lead in most anything, a skilled leader who speaks her mind. She is not like many of the women of her time period, for she is a girl who refuses to submit to any man, or any cause. It just isn't like her to give in or allow someone else to boss her around, normally she is the one who is giving the orders. This does mean she will be keeping her familiar rather busy, but that isn't something she is concerned over. While Lilian is a little intimidating, she can be a kind and understanding girl at times. When around someone she cares for, Lillian's personality will change quite a bit. She worries and se can be pretty protective. She'll defend the people she loves with her very life, and easily she can sacrifice anyone around her to keep those she loves safe. It is a bit of a selfish thing to do, sure but she doesn't care much at all. So long as she and those she cares for are happy, she will be content. Lastly, she is a very determined girl. She can kill without hesitation so long as it is for a cause. She isn't a person who can kill without reason, but when she has the reason, to partake in such a horrible act is just too easy for her.

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  2. Very interested! Patiently waiting for the wip section on this thread ^_^
  3. I would love to roleplay with you! >_<
  4. Omg I would love to roleplay with you if you're still looking?
  5. I am, and I would be happy to roleplay with you as well~ I'm still working on writing out fully developed plots for the roleplay section, but if you want to plan something out using what I have so far, we could discuss in a conversation.
  6. As would I with you! Again, if you would like to plan something out together we could go to a conversation, or you could wait until I have a couple plots up and look over those~
  7. It'll be up soon~ ^.^ I just got busy yesterday. I had had to go to my school concert, so I didn't have much time to do anything.
  8. Hello, I haven't rped in a while but would love to do an rp with you, pm me if you're interested thank you :)
  9. Well I am interested in rping so pm me if you have any ideas ^_^
  10. I'm interested!
  11. I'd love to rp with you, and would be willing to work on a plot based on one of your pairings with you! ^^
  12. I would love to rp with you! I have once or twice before but they kind of died but I would love to try again! Just PM me!!
  13. This part confused me a little... is there a difference between FxM and MxF, or was that a typo?

    Assuming that the one you don't really enjoy is FxF, I'd like to request we do a MxF. (But, it it turns out that FxM is the one you don't enjoy, go ahead and just pretend I never even posted in this thread. FxM is really what I'm in the mood for).

    Anyways I'm interested in (in order):
    - Master x Neko
    - Familiar x Witch
    - Kitsune x Human (If we do this one my Kitsune will be different from the one I've made for the Masters and Mythicals RP)

    I've also bolded the roles I'm interested in playing, and italicized the roles you already said you'd want to play :)
    Also, would you mind if I played the submissive female? It says you'd rather be the dominate one, but I'm just making sure you don't mind.
  14. ...Fixed it! It was FxF... I don't know how I missed that. I even read over it before posting.

    And no, I don't mind playing the dominant one. Dominant is what I do find the most interest in being. In regards towards which pairing we chose, we can probably discuss that in a conversation! I just don't want to fill the thread up too much, so it will be easier to navigate through.
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  15. What would a "God(ess) X Subject" pairing be exactly?
  16. I'll keep an eye on this thread, but I'm tentatively interested in a Witch/Familiar, Kitsune/Human, and maybe a Enemy/Enemy.
  17. A god or goddess, and a person who worships or at least knows about then.
  18. I just pmed you~
  19. Added a new plot: The Witch of Ivory. Completed!
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