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  1. I've really just been doing a lot of FxF and I wanna go to doing more MxM. I'm honestly up for a lot so if you have any kind of plot burning to play out I'll be fine with that xD I do have a few settings/things I really like;

    High school
    Victorian Era
    College(almost as high school)
    Party environment(as in having characters who party a lot, and here also follows downtown I guess?)

    Teacher x student
    Upperclassmen x underclassmen (so the whole "senpai" thing for otakus xD)
    Childhood friends
    Work associates
    Partners(in dance, other sports or maybe for work projects, maybe students in the same club, stuff like that)

    ... idk, can't really think of much more than this xD
  2. High school setting where weeaboo underclassmen starts calling his closet otaku of a school tutor "Sempai". (school tutor is basically a kid in the year above helping out for gold stars)
    Said tutor thinks it's really cute and develops an awkward crush on him, may or may not have a thing for being called sempai.

    What d'ya think?
  3. I know what senpai-san is xD So my senpai is a closet-otaku? Can he be a talented artist too? xD

    And I think it sounds like fun :3
  4. Sure why not! eheh, so...?
  5. So? Do you want my otaku to be seme? xD
  6. ??? is that...

    I'm sorry, which character are you talking about? I assumed I was the upperclassman character? Unless you want it that way around?
  7. Oh of course xD I'm sorry, you had me confused. So I'm the awkward underclassmen? xD
  8. Yes if that's alright!
  9. Of course. Do you think you can start the thread? Since it was your idea ^^
  10. Yeah, okay, gimmie a sec!
  11. Can you give me the link?
  12. Thank you. I'll reply tomorrow when I wake up.
  13. I've made a message, for the record.
  14. Okidoki ^^ Just reply when you have time. (I hope the post is alright)
  15. It's fine! I'll do that now, okay, but if I take a while to respond I'm working on homework
  16. Yes, and obviously you're the senpai teaching him math xD
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