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  1. I have a few original characters I am wanting to use, I don't really plot much before hand, just plot as we go according to how things work with the characters. I do have some setting ideas that I will post with the characters basic profile. Some of them won't have any setting ideas, just a character. Whatever I've got basically.

    Janeka (open)

    Name: Janeka (Jan)
    Species: Centaur
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Blacksmith/slave
    Personality: She's a bit rough around the edges but actually very kind and motherly.
    Other bits of info: Janeka used to fight in the arena's and she was very very good until she was injured and limps because of her hind leg. She however was also the blacksmith so she still is able to work for her master and make him a profit.
    Basic setting idea: Janeka is from a fantasy medieval world where slavery is the normal every day. Slaves are used for a number of different things, household work, farming, labor etc... Many slaves are used in the fighting arena where they are forced to fight other slaves for the pleasure of others. It works like betting on horses in a way. You go into the office, place a bet on the slaves and you receive money back, or lose it as the case may be. The masters get a good portion of money if their slaves win. (exact details and suck I haven't really thought about)
    Slaves are bound to their masters by blood magic, they cannot harm their own masters and if they run, their masters can track them.


    Nuria (open)

    Name: Nuria
    Species: Grimm
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: She's a Grim, she works for a master, collecting the souls of the dying for him.
    Personality: She's cynical, trust's nobody and rather hates the job she's forced to do. All she want's is to be free and live a normal life like everyone else.
    Basic setting idea: This one is more plot than setting, it can be about any setting except like scifi probably.
    Plot: (you or I) play the master, forcing her to collect the souls of the dying for some evil purpose. She has to do whatever her master tells her to without question. Nuria seeks to be free and searches for help whenever she is away from her master. You would play a character who meets her and agree's to help free her from her master. Nuria is not just satisfied with her being free, she wants to stop the master from whatever scheme we decide. (of course we can throw in twists or whatever. I'm super flexible!)


    Garleth (open)

    Name: Garleth
    Species: Griffon man?
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Flexible to plot
    Personality: He's big and powerful but he's actually quite, mild laid back kind of guy but he's also passionate and when he's mad, he's pissed and you better not be the one he's angry at.
    Basic setting idea: Probably more mediaeval fantasy type setting, don't really have any specific ideas at the moment.
    (haha this pic of him is old and sucks so bad)

    Mahana (open)

    Name: Mahana
    Species: Shape shifter
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Assasin
    Personality: She doesn't trust people but she likes them fine and is kind towards them. She's more motherly that way. She however has a darker side of her. She's a highly trained killer but she's picky about the cases she takes. deep down she would love to just be at hime with a family
    Basic setting idea: Mahana is actually a princess of a race that was wiped out, or so she thinks. In fact they are in hiding to avoid those that would hunt them (a vampire like species that crave their blood)

    This story would take place in a very magical world, more victorian type era. The basic plot would be that she needs to defeat the vampire like race by bringing her people together to fight (they are a naturally peaceful people) You could play another of her kind, an outsider who becomes her friend (or falls in love, whatever) and together they lead a war

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  2. Anyone? I will post her profile and possible plot ideas later!!
  3. Ok I put a few of my characters up, I have a lot more and I am open to other rp ideas!
  4. I may have a character that will work with your centaur.
  5. That would be awesome!! Shoot me a message!
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