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    Why hello there!

    I'm EtherealLights, an average person in the world whom enjoys roleplaying :D

    My mind has just exploded with ideas for RP's and I'd love to actually roleplay them~ •u•

    These are all romance, so... Yeah. I'm such a sap.

    I'd rather play as the female, but I'll roleplay as the guy too
    Anyways, I have some terms! Dun-dun-DUN!

    • You have to at least be an intermediate roleplayer.
    • I want at least a minimum of 4 sentences in your posts. One-liners are uncreative, and just bore me of the roleplay.
    • Please, please, please, please, please, have proper grammar. I'm OCD about that stuff. ;-;
    • The plots are all MxF, due to how I am incapable of properly roleplaying FxF or MxM
    The roles that are underlined are the characters I want to roleplay as. When nothing is underlined, it means I am okay with both characters.
    The RP's that are in blue are the one's I'm most interested in.

    Le plots:

    Quiet Girl x Reckless Guy:
    Muse A and B have to room together for Summer Camp and drive each other crazy. One is the studious type, quiet and shy, while the other is outgoing and a party animal. They're stuck woth each other for 9 weeks. Will they ever learn to get along?

    Amnesiac Girl x Guy friend:
    There’s Been An Accident: Muse A is in a car crash and falls into a coma for weeks, finally when they wake up they need someone to look after them and help them through their memory loss. Muse B volunteers happily, because they’d do anything for Muse A, but that doesn’t make the job easier. Muse B brings Muse A to their house, and helps them to remember, slowly, but surely.

    Highschool Girl x Bakeneko
    An 18-year old girl finds herself alone at her house, and bored. So she decides to adopt a stray cat off the street! But when she brings said cat back home, it turns into a -hot- guy who has cat ears and a tail. He's actually a monster! Him unable to leave because she has claimed him as his own when she adopted him, torment each other for days on end. Subconciously, they start taking a liking to each other. How will it work out in the end?

    Witch x Warlock
    When witches and warlocks turn 13, they get taught the ways of wizadry. When they turn 15, they leave their homes, and settle in a town somewhere else in the world, where they make a living there. Wether they sell potions, say fortunes, or simply deliver goods is up to them. But when a witch and a warlock settle in the same town, things get heated quite quickly. You see, only one witch or warlock settle in a town, not 2. They fight all the time, but in a series of events, they become closer to each other.

    (This is a spin-off of Studio Ghibli's "Kiki's Delivery Service". The characters will have brooms and such like in the movie. The setting and time period will also be similar to that of the movie.)

    Duke x Princess
    This is the Victorian Era in all of its glory. The Duke has arranged with the King, a marriage between his son, Muse A, and the princess, Muse B. Muse A and B have learned the news abruptly, and neither are content with it. They bicker quite a lot, but as the marriage day come closer, they get closer to each other. What will happen next?

    Time Traveler x Time Traveler
    Muse A and Muse B are supposed to keep everything in check, so that nothing can alter the normal chronology of it. They go through different eras, stopping those whom are altering time. As they go on different missions, they begin to fall in love.
    (In this plot, they can be either childhood friends, or partners that bicker among themselves. I'd rather play the girl in this one.)

    Android x Human
    This video has sparked my interest and makes me want to base a RP off of it.

    So I haven't really thought of a plot for this one, but we can work one out.

    I'll add more plots later :) And even if the RP you'd like to do is taken, it doesn't mean we can't do it. ^^

    I'm open to any suggestions for roleplays too, so don't hesitate to ask!
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  2. I'm interested in the roleplay about the highschool girl and the cat. I would love to be the cat boy! ^_^ Still looking for someone for that?

    I vary in the Adept-Advance level of roleplaying, but I can do intermediate as well, just so long as I'm given enough in a post to go on
  3. Yes, I'm still looking for someone for that roleplay ^^

    Okay, I'm fine with that. :) Shoot me a PM, and we can get it all sorted out.
  4. I've added more plots, and I'm still adding some more. So if anyone wants to RP, shoot me a PM! ^^
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  5. Would you like to do the Amnesiac x Guy Friend? That sounds like fun!
  6. Sure! ^^
    I'd like to play the girl, if you don't mind :o
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  7. Highschool Girl x Bakeneko sounds fun, I'm in.
  8. Okay! Shoot me a PM and we'll sort it out~
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  9. I'm up for doing the witch x warlock.
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