Searching for partners and ideas!

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  1. Hiya guise! I'd just like to exercise my one on one rp skills because I have never done it so if anybody would like to, please respond to this thread

    Here's a list of things I DO like:
    -Romance: By this I don't mean silly sappy high school flirting, I mean actual romance. Something with a story behind it, somethin with absolute passion and lust! However I do like a bit of sweetness, I'm a sucker for chivalry :bsmile:

    The only thing I've found I can't really do is Yaoi. Otherwise I'm down for just about anything (unless later disapproved). So if you'd like, please please PLEASE contact me and I'd fancy a roleplay with you! :happy:
  2. i'm not much for romance unless it's a very minor plot element (i.e., not the point of the rp as a whole), but i love love love sci-fi and fantasy!!! (●♡∀♡)
    i'd be happy to rp with you if you'd like.
  3. I think i can work with that. So you want a romance RP with Humans that have some special powers?
    In case that is the case let me know.

    By the way. "Passion and lust" Would belong in the Mature A section if i am not mistaken. Fine with me.
  4. Hello :3

    I'm interested and looking to start some RPs. I'd say I'm a pretty good RPer, I can do anything and take either a guy or girl :p Also, I can get pretty creative. So, you know, if you'd like, message me or somethin :]