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  1. Hi there. Feel free to call me either Fira or Shade. My muse is running a bit low, and so I rejoin the search for new (or returning) partners.

    I'm open to hear ideas if you have them. If not I have a few vague plotlines I've been meaning to get to with a partner willing to work out the kinks.

    Some of these are repeats from past searches.

    1) An exiled princess returns to fight for her kingdom. She finds that her family has been completely removed and tries to worm her way in by working as a kitchen drudge. She ends up coming to like the young prince and reveals herself. What happens after?

    2) A young woman born among dragon riders discovers that she doesn't want to be a rider, but can do nothing as an egg hatches for her anyway. Another young rider with a more mature dragon shows her its not as bad as she thinks.

    3) A lady at court leads a double life, masquerading as a knight while keeping up her front as a lady. When she falls in love with an opponent, she discovers he is attracted to the Lady she acts like. Should she reveal herself and see what happens?

    4) A dark elf steals a secret object known as the Mask of Lies. She takes the form of a high elf to escape herself Nd her history, instead making one up. She makes her way in society, but when a suitor finds her out, will she flee?

    I also have a /lot/ of different pairings I'm more than willing to do, just shoot them at me
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  2. Ideas 1, 3 and 4 for me
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