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  1. Hello!

    For those who don't know or have not interacted with me much, my name is MarilynFae! Now, for the past few months I have taken a break from all social accounts, including Iwaku and I have taken a break from roleplaying, but not from writing itself. I had a death in the family, someone very close to me, and I have also had my own personal issues that I have worked through on my time off. The point is, I am 100% back and more than ready to begin writing and making new friendships again! So if any of these plots or pairings catch your eye or you just are simply looking for a partner and think I could be a future roleplay buddy, feel free to send me a message or reply to this!

    About My Writing Style
    - I do do character sheets. I prefer to exchange them through PM so that we can okay it with each other and fix anything the other has questions about. Then, if it is an appropriate plot or we are doubling up on our characters, I may post them in our thread so that others can have a view of our characters. We can talk more about character sheets when we decide on a plot.
    - I do not care whether or not we roleplay through PM or through a thread, but I do want to make sure we have and active PM to talk OOC, so if we roleplay through PM, we will have more than one chat.
    - I prefer not to do smut or any kind of sex scene unless we talk about everything before the roleplay and we talk about what is okay and what is not. ALSO, under no circumstance will we break Iwaku rules. If there are smut scenes, you must be over 18, if you aren't, it will be fade to black. Rules are rules, sorry.
    - I do prefer to keep in touch and talk so that it isn't awkward. I feel like it is easier to roleplay if I know the person a little bit, and it makes things easier if there is something wrong or we don't like something the other did and we can easily talk to them, but being friends is not required because I understand that not everyone wants to talk. :)
    - I do love romance, I have always been a sucker for it, so it would make me super super happy to have romance in our plot, even if it is just a side thing.
    - Most of my replies I like to keep at least 2-3 plus paragraphs. I love long replies and I love replying with long replies. It gives me thought, depth, and passion for the roleplay more if we go into detail and make the roleplay as if it were real. I am not saying that we need to describe each floor tile, but it would be nice to have some detail so that we can picture what is happening, like a movie playing in our heads.

    What I Expect From YOU
    First off, I would like to say that I will not ask for somethin that I will not give back in return!
    - Please keep images realistic, or as realistic as you can muster. I know I may get a few surprised faces, but I don't like anime and therefore prefer everything realistic as in images.
    - Keep in touch with me. If you are going away for a week or something, let me know so that I know you didn't ditch me. As I said before, I took an unexpected break and I didn't let anyone know because this was the last thing on my mind. I understand emergencies and I am not one to hold a grudge. Just let me know when you get back and we can pick up where we let off. If I am going to be away for more than two days, I will let you know one way or another.
    - Have fun with this. Roleplaying, for me, is about having fun with the ideas we come up with and learning more about writing as we do. So I am not going to get mad at you if you have a few misspelled words or your grammar is not the best. The only two things that bothers me is not knowing the difference in: there, their, and they're, and you're and your. Other than that, I don't mind. Just have fun and learn more about writing while doing it.
    - I don't require you to have any specific length of a post or anything, but I do hope that you are putting thought into it. The only thing I do not accept is one liners. They are very difficult to reply to and they show that you are not putting thought or imagination, which makes me feel like our roleplay is dead.

    The bolded are the ones which I am craving. The italics are the ones I have a mini plot with that we can build from.
    Werewolf x Human
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Vampire x Human
    Angel x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Blind Girl x Boy
    Deaf Boy x Girl
    Homeless x Rich
    Poor x Rich
    Teenage Pregnancy
    Bad Boy x Good Girl
    Bad Boy x Bad Girl
    Bad Boy x New Girl
    Gang Member x Ballet Student
    Country Boy x Country Girl
    Country Boy x City Girl
    Best Friends

    The bolded are the ones which I am craving, but I am just as interested in the others!

    Making A Bet With The Bad Boy
    When you live next to the bad boy, you get use to things. For example: the constant partying when his parents are gone, the stunts he tries to pull to see you through the curtain of you window, and the fake attempts to make you fall for him, but when you finally can't take it anymore, you make a bet with him. At least that is what the good girl next door did when she had had enough. The bet was that they would get along. They would be friends, even more than that. They could kiss, they could cuddle, they could go on dates, they could do whatever they had to to make the other fall for them. But whoever fell first was to proclaim that they were in love in front of the entire school at the annual Winter Formal. A bet where neither were willing to give in, but neither could withstand the other was sure to be that of a surprise, but the two opposites had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

    A gap year was a mystery to high schoolers, like most of the world. In school you learn your four core lessons and a few other courses which will help you very little in the real world. Many people have no idea what they are getting themselves into as they walk out of high school, which is why when a group of four decide to take a year off and travel the world in a gap year to volunteer and travel and help the world, only one survives. The other three didn't die, don't worry, our world isn't that scary.. Yet. They went home and back to their lives, not knowing what else to do with themselves. But the one girl who did survive and wanted to finish out her last four months had a strong heart. That was why when she met a stranger, something inside of her pounded. They had the same kind of passion towards helping the world, had many of the same views and both had only four months left in their gap year, ending up in the same location. The only problem was what it would be like going back to reality when their wanderlust was still alive and thirsty.

    Hopeless in Seattle
    FC was walking back to her house, just like she did every Tuesday after going to the local library to check out new books and help out her aunt, but this time she was running late. She had stayed late finishing homework for the last week of school and it was already dark by the time she turned the corner she thought was to her road. If you add that she got lost, she was running very late. When she finally got back on the right road and was walking down the sidewalk, books to her chest, she felt a sharp pain to the side of her head and fell over, everything going black. She wasn't out for more than a minute, but when she opened her eyes she saw a male she had never seen before. MC was just playing American Soccer with his brothers when one of them kicked the ball too hard, but when he went to catch it he noticed that it collided with a girl. He instantly rushed over to help her but when he seen her, he had never been more choked for words. FC comes from a rich family who has a strict schedule and is basically an average good girl. MC is quite the opposite. He came from a poorer family that had just moved to America for a better life, seeing as how it was 1923. He was wild, free, and had no plans. except to have fun and live life. These two couldn't be more of opposites but something makes them hold on and become quick friends.

    The Stars In The Sky Tonight
    After fighting cancer for years on end and never having fun, it is the last of this girl's worries as she moves away for college. Her parents, of course, are skeptical, but she has made up her mind. She quit chemotherapy and has decided to let whatever happens happen, but in the meantime she was going to have fun and enjoy the rest of her life. But when she meets a male who gives her heart thumps and her stomach butterflies, she is scared to take a chance at first, but she does. She just doesn't tell him that she has cancer, she just makes him promise that he won't fall in love with her, that this would just be a lighthearted thing and they could have fun. So he promised, but he did fall in love with her. He fell hard and way too fast.

    Soldier in Blue
    Having a brother and several close friends go into the army is always a tough challenge, but instead of dreading and worrying about them constantly, FC decides that she is going to create a new pin pal station to connect military families and others who are in the army and need someone to keep them company. It becomes a hit easily, and she even picks up a friend or two to write to, but only one sticks. They communicate through letters and eventully phone calls and send pictures of themselves. But when MC gets shot and is sent home, he decides that he wants to meet his pin pal who strangely enough only lives on the other side of town.

    A Second Chance
    MC and FC were raised together as best friends. They lived right next door and their balconies connected, so they could talk whenever they wanted, even when they didn't want to talk. But when the girl moved away at thirteen, they don't know if they will ever see each other again and lose contact. But when she moves back in her early twenties and decides to settle down in the small town she grew up in, she is surprised to see her bestt friend still lives in the town. They instantly reconnect, but the girl has a secret that she is scared to share with her old friends: She is a single mother.

    A Summer in Italy
    Two best friends have been inseperable since they were little. How did they meet? They were fighting over the same toy in daycare. Since that day they have been connected at the hip. They always stand up for each other, even when they're wrong. They are very protective of each other, but they are complete opposites. They may not let anyone else pick on the other, but they are always aguing about something, even the smallest thing. He is the bad boy. He has done all of the bad things and he is most definitley a player, the biggest one in their school. She is the good girl. Never done anything bad, and never even misses her homework assignments. Why do they stay friends? They can't get enough of each other. They can't stop fighting but they can't stand to be apart. But now as their senior year ends and they are going their seperate ways, they decide to visit MC's aunt and uncle who live in Italy. As a gift, his aunt gave them both tickets to come and stay the entire summer, no expense, and they agreed. But what will they do when they find our that the rumors about them being in love with the other turns out to be true when they spend a whole summer in Italy, the city of love?

    Check Yes, Juliet
    FC hates school dances, but when she is offered extra credit and bonus points to getting head of photography in the newspaper at her school, a dream since she was a freshman, she doesn't turn it down. MC also hates school dances. The only reason he is going is because his friends are making him. They said that if he didn't find a girl there, they were going to set him up with a freshman, and he knew that wouldn't be good. But when these two bump into each other, literally, dumping juice all over each other, FC brushes it off, never paying attention to guys at her school or really any school. On the other hand, MC sees someething unique in FC that he doesn't see in other girls. She doesn't want him, which is rare since almost every other girl in school wanted him. But at that moment he knew that he didn't want them, he wanted her and as far as he knew, he was going to get her, one way or another.

    Until Our Next Life
    When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? But how could you when everytime you tried it turned into grape juice, apple juice, or orange juice? It seemed like nothing you did could make lemonade. Everything in her life always went wrong. That is until you meet the mysterious new guy in town whom everyone has been talking about. It's not hard to miss when someone moves into a small town that everyone wants to escape, but you wonder why there is all the chatter. Even in the small town, news doesn't spread that quickly. But when you see him, you instanly know why he is different. He is hot, like one of the guys off the movies that everyone dreams about but everytone knows aren't real. But there he was, standing in front of you. Completley real. And what does he want from this small town? You. What is the catch? He is immortal, though of course you don't know this, yet. While you go through life and die like a normal human, he doesn't. He doesn't age and he doesn't die. He is immortal and he comes back for you in every life that you live. That is until you find out, for the first time ever, when you discover pictures of his ex girlfriends who strangely look exactly like you, except from other centuries.

    Anyways, let me know if you are interested or are looking for a partner! I am always looking! :)
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  2. Are you looking to play the male, or the female character in your plots?
  3. I do prefer female characters, but if I am craving the plot enough I will do male. It really depends on the plot. But I'm open to either really, as long as it is MxF.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I have the beginnings of an idea for the female cancer sufferer in "The Stars in the Sky Tonight." It's OK if you're not interested in playing the male in that pairing, but I figured I'd better ask before I put in the time to fully develop the character. :)
  5. I'd be fine playing the male for that one! If you PM me we can chat more! :)
  6. I see Vampire x Werewolf bolded and in italics. What's the plot there?
  7. Well I am actually taking that one off because that's what everyone has been interested in! Sorry!

  8. No problem.
  9. I would love to do 'until our next life' it sounds like fun ^~^
  10. I wouldn't mind doing Check Yes Juliet! Also, good to see another fan of Character Sheets. Half the fun is making characters for me!
  11. Great! Just PM me! :)

    Yes! Same for me! PM me and we can chat? :)
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  12. Still looking!
  13. Oh my god, Until Our Next Life is amazing. I would like to roleplay that if I could play the female part? And if it's not already taken?
  14. I actually just found the last person to take that spot. I'm so sorry! I'd be interested in finding something else with you though!
  15. Ah shame. Thanks though :)
  16. Still and always looking! Open to any ideas others have also.
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