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  1. Partner Search
    PM me or post here if you are interested.
    General InformationAbout me:
    - I prefer FXM
    - I prefer playing the female as my main character; however, I can do either gender as secondary characters.
    - Thread or PM is fine with me.
    - I’m quite laid back when it comes to rping.
    - I only use anime pictures or written description for looks though what my partner wants to use does not matter to me.

    To potential partners:
    - I’m not particular on spelling and grammar as long as I can read it. I’m not always the best at grammar myself.
    - Length isn’t important to me whether short or long as long as I have something to work with which I can do pretty easily.
    - I like working together to create the rp, both coming up with ideas for it.
    -Please try not to disappear, I’d rather have you tell me you don’t want or can’t do the rp.
    -Try to be an active poster as best as you can (that doesn’t mean everyday if you can’t), though I understand life and schedules and know it can be hard sometimes.

    RP ideasCrossed out: Taken
    Bold: Role I want to play
    First come first serve

    - JockXPunk

    - Popular boyXshy girl: The catch about this rp is that the popular boy and girl are actually already married but secretly, no one at school can find out so they act like how they are supposed to normally until things start to become too hard to hide. I’d like the popular boy to be nice but mysterious at school yet more open and mischievous at home with his wife. (more details can be talked about).

    - Human boyXalien girl: An alien girl shows up all of sudden to this human boy, claiming that she is now his girlfriend. What’s worse is she is living in his room and decides to go to school where he attends. He’s trying to keep the secret of her being an alien though with everything she does, it makes it very hard and will he accept the fact that she says they are a couple and will eventually get married and have children.

    - Alice in Wonderland: Either Mad HatterXAlice or Cheshire Cat(neko)XAlice.

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  2. Hi!!! I'd love to do the popular boy x shy girl! :) I can play male or female so I am so willing to play the male in this case! Just let me know if you're interested! :)
  3. Great, I'll PM you so we can discuss details!
  4. I would like to try jock X punk
  5. Great! I'll PM you about it.