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  1. Currently I'm feeling a bit inspired by this

    The basic Idea is one of us is immortal for one reason or another and the other stumbles upon the immortal as he/she is contemplating finally ending centuries of living alone. Finally being tired of the hunting and hatred he/she attempts to end his/her life when the mortal finds him/her. Nursing the immortal back to health are they only going to end up a victim? Will things only be physical? Or is there a way to break through that cold exterior?

    Another possibility is the mortal is contemplating suicide and the immortal saves him/her. Obviously who plays what role isn't important. If you're interested please let me know!

    Edit: I might be convinced to do FxF however I have to really like the character you play as I'm not always comfortable with such situations >.<
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  2. Sure, I'm interested if you wanna give it a go.
  3. Cool! What situation were you thinking of? (You caught me in the middle of typing up other ideas XD)


    I realized I had a couple more ideas up my sleeve, they aren't much but eh. it's something!

    1. A god or goddess falls to Earth and a normal person finds him/her. The god/goddess is weak and the human has to nurse him/her back to health.
    2. Has to do with an insane AI that needs repair but I don't have much to go on for that one.
  4. Gimme a pm next time you're on.
  5. Still looking. Also throw Dark Souls and Demon Souls onto the list of things that inspire me at the moment
  6. Still looking around for more partners. a few rps have died to a dull roar (not that that's a bad thing) so I've got time for more.
    I've got an idea about perhaps some sci-fi involving the race I have created Please see my blogs for information about the race.
    Was thinking something a bit unusual for me and that's more of a slave X master situation.
  7. I'd be interested in the God/Godess and/or Slave X Master RPs
  8. alright we can hammer out the details and which you prefer in pm ^.^ send me one with an idea!
  9. I've got another idea. This one's more romance filled.

    A girl from the modern day dreams of being a princess, going so far as to learn proper etiquette and even take plenty of time to dress herself to a T. She works hard everyday knowing she could never be a real princess. But what happens when she's stolen into another world (or time), an evil villain believing her to be a real princess?

    This can go two ways:

    Either no one rescues her and there's love between her and the villain, the two of them eventually creating a dark kingdom together. However it is ruined one day when she is sent back to her own world/time by a "heroic" wizard. Perhaps the evil man spends the rest of his life seeking immortality and his lovely dark princess.


    she is rescued by a knight or prince. Once it is known that she is not of the world they could start trying to send her back, much to her dismay. They succeed only to leave her broken-hearted, something had heard her plea to stay and places a curse upon her rescuer which grants him immortality but torments his every sleeping moment with heartbreaking dreams.
  10. still umm....still looking.
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