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  1. Hello and thank you for taking the time in reading my request thread. :) Just a little bit about me; I only play straight female roles unless I'm doubling, can post between one to four decent size paragraphs, umm... I don't like people giving me one-liners, Godmoding, or Gary/Mary-Sues, and I prefer to role-play in the forums. Also just a heads up, I have a pretty busy life and I'll try to reply as much as I can, so please be patient with me. So, if any of these sounds interesting to you, feel free to reply below or PM me. :D

    **** (Means I'm dying to do)



    (Cyclops X Jean Grey)****
    (Cyclops X OC)****
    (Wolverine X Jean Grey)
    (Wolverine X Storm)
    (Wolverine X OC)
    (Gambit X Rogue)
    (Gambit X OC)
    (Young Xavier X Mystique)
    (Young Xavier X OC)
    (Young Magneto X Mystique)
    (Young Magneto X OC)****
    (OC X OC)

    ~Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
    (Eomér X OC)****
    (Aragorn X Arwén)
    (Aragorn X OC)
    (Legolas X OC)
    (Kili X OC)
    (OC X OC)

    ~Pirates of the Caribbean
    (Cpt. Jack Sparrow X OC)
    (Will Turner X OC)
    (Cpt. James Norrington)
    (OC X OC)

    ~Star Trek
    (Cpt. Kirk X Lt. Uhura)
    (Cpt. Kirk X Dr. Marcus)
    (Cpt. Kirk X OC)
    (Dr. McCoy X Dr. Marcus)
    (Dr. McCoy X OC)****
    (Khan X OC)****
    (OC X OC)

    ~Star Wars
    (Han Solo X Princess Leia)
    (Han Solo X Mara Jade)
    (Han Solo X OC)
    (Anakin Skywalker X Padmé Amidala)
    (Anakin Skywalker X OC)
    (Young Obi-Wan Kenobi X Padmé Amidala)
    (Young Obi-Wan Kenobi X OC)****
    (Kyp Durron X Jaina Solo)****
    (Kyp Durron X OC)
    (Jag Fel X Jaina Solo)
    (Jag Fel X OC)
    (Jacen Solo X Tenel Ka)
    (Jacen Solo X OC)****
    (OC X OC)

    ~27 Dresses
    (Kevin Doyle X Jane Nichols)
    (Kevin Doyle X OC)****

    (Corny Collins X OC)****

    (Prince Edward X Giselle)
    (Prince Edward X OC)****

    ~Anchorman 2
    (Jack Lime X OC)****
    (Brian Fantana X OC)

    ~The Notebook
    (Lon Hammond X Allie Hamilton)
    (Lon Hammond X OC)****

    (Fred O'Hare X OC)****

    ~Straw Dogs (Remake)
    (David Sumner X Amy Sumner)
    (David Sumner X OC)****

    ~Disturbing Behavior
    (Steve Clark X OC)****

    (Dr. Edward Dalton X OC)****

    (Cpt. Jack Harkness X OC)
    (Dr. Owen Harper X OC)

    ( Booth X Dr. Breenan)

    (Sam X OC)****
    (Castiel X OC)

    ~Almost Human
    (John Kennox X OC)

    ~Xena: Warrior Princess
    (Julius Caesar X Xena)
    (Julius Caesar X OC)****

    ~Ghost Hunters
    (Dave Tango X OC)
    (Grant Wilson X OC)

    ~Ghost Hunters: International
    (Barry Fitzgerald X OC)
    (Dustin Pari X OC)

    ~Revolutionary War
    ~Civil War****
    ~Supernatural Creatures
    ~Zombie Apocalypse
    ~Ancient Greek
    ~Ancient Egypt
    ~Victorian/Regency Era


    ~Doctor Who
    ~Hunger Games
    ~Game of Thrones
    ~Harry Potter (I love HP, but I'm just burnt out by doing so many of them)
    ~Justin Bieber
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