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  1. As the title states, I am on a search for a few partners to fill some RP pairings I've been craving to do. I usually prefer to do M/M or F/F because it adds more interest than the usual stuff, but I am willing to do M/F if my preferences are not your cup of tea. I am willing to do sex scenes but I am a Plot > Sex or Plot = Sex person. Sex > Plot just makes me lose interest and gets boring after a few posts.

    I only want four (Can't believe it took me this long to catch that) things from a partner:

    • Matches post lengths
    • Basic grammar (So I don't spend half an hour trying to guess what you wrote)
    • Can post at least once a day
    • Helps move the story forward and doesn't shy away from pitching in ideas. (I encourage idea sharing. :3)
    (One more thing, I prefer original ideas and original characters. I don't do fandoms or pre-made characters, it's just a no-go for me.)

    So for the pairings I've been craving (I am willing to play whichever role):

    Kidnapper/Kidnapped-*Possible plot
    Idea (open)

    (Warning: Pretty dark.)

    The kidnapper is a straight up psychopath who has been in love with the kidnappee for quite a while. They are the ones responsible for their boyfriends/girlfriends disappearing on them or suddenly breaking up with them without so much as a reason The kidnappee is confused, and believes that they're the problem rather than someone is causing it.

    One day, the kidnapper finally gets their opportunity to have their love in their grasp. They're home alone, no plans, nothing to do except cook popcorn and watch some movies they had jumbled about in their living room. The individual is kidnapped from their home only to find themselves locked away in what appeared to be the kidnapper's bedroom. Around the kidnappee is the other's "masterpieces", which is the flesh and hair of the kidnappee's old lovers, the ones who mysteriously disappeared all weaved into dolls and mannequins. Their soulless eyes all staring at the innocent, foreshadowing what could be their faith.

    (I assume Stockholm Syndrome will play a pretty big role in this.)


    Psychopath/Normal-*Possible plot

    Idea (open)

    The psychopath has been in love with the normal individual for years. Every day they would stalk them in hopes that one day they would fall in love like they had always dreamed of. They want to be able to hold the normal individual, to stroke their hair, to tell them they love them every night, and to be together for all eternity. The normal individual, one day, meets the psychopath and believes them to be a very nice individual. They become interested and decide to ask them out for a nice date, with no knowledge of what they are getting themselves into. Day by day moves on, and the normal individual's loved ones, friends, and people they had acquainted themselves with suddenly begin to disappear. The disappearing individuals were trying to warn the normal person of the psychopath and how dangerous they really are. But in order to keep their mouths shut, the psychopath took it upon themselves to silence them, for good; All the while the normal individual can not figure out where their loved ones have gone and why.

    Arranged Marriage

    Experiment/Scientist-*Possible plot

    Idea (open)

    A scientist has been interested in the human anatomy for as long as they've been walking. They breathe for their beloved experiments and will not let any of them go until God decides to take them away (Meant to be a little dark). They believe that they can achieve the unachievable, that they will birth the new cure for all known diseases. The savior of the ill. The person whose name will be scribbled all over through scientific and medical history. However, they haven't found the perfect experiment to present to the public. That the impossible is, in fact, possible. The scientist has been through countless live experiments, all pertaining to wild animals they caught and dissected. They have also taken live test subjects from homes, but the police were never able to track the scientist down. The scientist is always a step ahead of the police.

    One day, after countless hours of research, the scientist has found the mind blowing experiment that will most likely turn the world upside down. The scientist is in need of a live test subject to change into their experiment. A human. So they set about in their car to try and find not just a live experiment, but the perfect live experiment in during the evening. They come near an area where the soon-to-be experiment is walking about by themselves (or can be accompanied), coming back from wherever they were at. The scientist decides they must have them, and the experiment will commence. But will the scientist really want to expose the experiment after a while of being with it night and day? Will the experiment really want to leave when they begin to believe the scientist is not really such a bad person?

    Doctor/Mental patient
    Escaped mental patient/Regular
    Celebrity/(Fan/Paparazzi/Agent)-*Possible plot

    Idea for Celebrity/Fan (open)

    The celebrity has received everything a person could ever want in life. Money, fame, recognition, but only one thing that they could never buy was out of their reach. A normal relationship. The celebrity had been through countless relationships with other celebrities, but it was always twisted by the media to make their fans believe they were happy, or that problems were already occurring. They were being paid just to break up and create a hoax that will break the hearts of the adoring public (even though the celebrity fell for the other), and the celebrity's lover was all too willing to accept the offer. For a big time star, it seemed hopeless that a relationship would ever work out for them, they seem to be destined to die alone.

    Until one day, the celebrity disguises themselves to have a minute alone out in the city. There, they stumble across another individual who happened to be a fan. They could see right through the celebrity's disguise, but the unknown individual continued to treat the celebrity like a normal person. No squealing, no requests for autographs or pictures, no marriage proposals. Just treated them like a normal person. The celebrity becomes intrigued by the other and wishes to further understand the fan and their thought process. They're not so willing to let the other slip past their fingers.

    Demon King(Queen/Prince/Princess)/Angelic King(Queen/Prince/Princess)
    Demon/Priest- (A bit iffy on this one)
    Supernatural creature/Supernatural or Human
    Guardian Angel/Human
    Prestigous, good student/Rebellious, bad student

    That's all I have for now, but that doesn't mean I won't be interested in a pairing you have in mind. If interested, you can post here or PM me.
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  2. Totally would be interested in Experiment/Scientist-*Possible plot
  3. Well that was quick. Thank you for taking interest.

    I'll send you a PM of the possible plot.
  4. Celebrity/(Fan/Paparazzi/Agent)-*Possible plot?
  5. I will send you the possible plot ideas for each one.
  6. I would love to do the Psychopath/Normal-*Possible plot, Teacher/Student, or Doctor/Mental patient but I can't choose which one >~<
  7. I will send you the Psychopath/Normal plot idea I've had in mind. I can probably think of something for Teacher/Student and Doctor/Mental patient, but that'll be later on.
  8. alrighty sounds good to me
  9. Are you still looking for a partner?

  10. Yes ma'am.
  11. I'm interested in doing a Guardian angel x human or teacher x student. Mind if I be one of them lol
  12. Not at all~

    I shall PM you and we can discuss a plot for one or both of them.
  13. I have maybe a plot for the RoyalxRoyal {{Insert Warning Here!}} It is a very old one and kind of basic though, but that means it leaves room for thought.
  14. I am intrigued, tell me please~
  15. Shall I pm it to you?
  16. Yes please.
  17. *Edited in Plot ideas*
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