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  1. I have been searching and doing a lot of MxM lately and would actually like to play my own gender for once.
    So here is the deal I wanna use a specific female character (or a few)

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Niahe Allen Grand
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 125lbs
    Personality: Rebellious, spunky, playful, caring, sly.
    (Her pictures are big, yes. Also I want you to be aware I DREW THESE!!! Which means no one else is allowed to use her.)

    I am leaving her CS brief so that she can be put into any type of roleplay scenario.

    Throw your ideas at me, basically if there is something that inspires you based on the way she looks don't be afraid to ask.
    I am willing to try everything.
    I like lots of smexy time, but keep in mind I love plot line too.
    I am more than happy to do MxM as well.

    I don't mind playing the male character too, just so long as I still get my female and you play as a male as well.
  2. I'd be interested in playing with you and your character. She looks like a punk demoness, and I think it's awesome! Your artwork is amazing! I've been trying to draw something that good for years, but with everything else I have to do, plus my writing, it's not nearly that good.

    I'm thinking...I don't know...she and a human get into some mischief together. They're both sort of the counter-culture types, him disrepecting human authority, her disrespecting demonic. They have fun, she starts a few trash can fires, they sleep together in a run-down hotel. Maybe she's like a low-level chaos demon or something?

    That was a rough idea, but what do you think?
  3. Thanks. I like the idea very much so, I think we can work with that. XD
  4. are you still looking for more rps?
  5. I am and will be until I have a few going.
  6. I was thinking my chara was supposed to be hunting your chara but unkowingly saved you. After getting somewhere safe he realizes your his target
  7. Great! How do they meet? Say she crashes a gathering of street punks and he's among them. They run, but he sticks around.
  8. I really like the hunting idea we can go with that.

    ohh, that is different I like it. So my character would crash the gathering, maybe shooting off some fireballs to scare some them, but your character ends up interested instead.
  9. Yeah. Maybe he's new to the scene, like his brother or friend brought him along or something. And I don't see my character completely unafraid. He'll probably cower at first but then start talking to her, get to know her.
  10. Yeah that would totally work.
  11. Awesome...Who starts this? Maybe you, so you can show how your character gets into the human world? And what do we call this? Always have trouble with titles.
  12. Rebellion Of their own?
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  13. ...Yeah, that sounds good.
  14. I would be willing to do this...if still open, and I guess it is because you 'boop' it earlier today.

    I don't know what kind of setting she would fit in exactly, maybe a more Supernatural or Magical World?
  15. Yep, Would love to roleplay with you Hattori Hanzo
  16. Want me to PM you to discuss this more?
  17. Please do.
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