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  1. Hello!
    I am searching for a partner for a human x vampire roleplay. I am looking for someone who can be active, can stick through the dull points, and can be patient when life throws curve balls. Your role would be the human and I have the majority of the plot worked out, as well as what type of vampire I would be playing.

    The Rundown:

    Your character would have moved to the town of Moonlight Falls, desperate for money, taking a job offer as the vampire's consort. Your character will be asked to move into the designated quarters, and to be fed from every day at a designated time in exchange for payment. There will be some underlying romance in with the resentment for what she is doing to him/her every day. I have no preference on your gender, age, or appearance, only asking again that you can stick with the RP and be active. I also ask that you can post at least a paragraph each post.

    The Vampire that I will play will have some guidelines, which I will list below.
    1. The Vampire will not sparkle.
    2. They can only consume the blood of animals and humans. They cannot consume human food or drink, unless they wish to violently throw it back up.
    3. Their eyes do not magically change color and are only blood red in color.
    4. Vampires have no added super powers I.E. shadow walking, hypnotism, mind / soul reading, levitating, flying / sprouting wings, changing form, etc...
    5. Their fangs are not retractable I.E. like cat's claws and do not shrink or grow in size.
    6. They have reflections.
    7. They do not sleep.
    8. Sunlight doesn't kill them, but it does burn their skin and blinds them during the day.
    9. Chopping off a vampire's head is the only true way to kill the creature. While fire wounds it, and stabbing a vampire in the heart merely paralyzes it.
    10. Vampires can enter through doors and windows at their leisure; they do not have to be invited inside first.
    11. Because they have no heartbeat, a vampire's skin is as cold and pale as snow.
    12. Vampires do breathe, but they cannot be strangled or drowned to death - as breathing isn't essential for their survival like it is to humans.
    13. Garlic, silver, and holy water / objects have no effect on them.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment. If you are interested, please let me know (:
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  2. I am rather intrigued ^^
  3. Excellent. Do you have any questions?
  4. Nothing too major, the only two I can think of would be doe MC know her employer is a vampire, and what time period will this be?
  5. The time period will be modern, and the consort will be aware, a lot of the details will be covered in the RP. Do you prefer messages or boards? I can do either.
  6. Messages, please.
  7. Okay (: I will close this thread and start a message.
  8. I look forward to it ^^
  9. Would you consider doing the same thing, in a separate thread?
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