Searching for OnexOne partners

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  1. :carousel:Hello~:carousel:

    What I am looking for:
    *Good Grammar
    *Frequent replies
    *Friendly ^w^

    What I want to do:
    {With anything I am willing to make compromises so long as they are fair and both parties are satisfied with the results}


    Dangan Ronpa
    I want to do either an original DR themed play or one with canon characters from either of the two games, preferably the first. If you are interested I can give you a list of the canon characters I would most like to play.

    Naegi x Kirigiri
    Celes x Togami
    Fukawa/Syo x Togami
    Junko x Celes
    Junko x Kirigiri
    Mukuro x Naegi
    Chihiro x Mondo
    OC x Any of the above

    Attack On Titan
    For this I would really want to just work with just the canon characters, maybe with few minor OCs to help the plot. I would also like to do an AU, I'll have a list somewhere below for the different AUs.

    Levi x Eren

    Armin x Eren
    Jean x Marco
    Erwin x Armin

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    I am okay with pretty much anything for this fandom ^^

    {This wouldn't be the whole plot, these are just bare bones for what I am interested in}

    Coffee Shop
    Super cliche and romantic, a patron falls in love with a cute barista and goes to the cafe every day just so they can see their crush and the barista eventually falls for the cutie that comes in every day

    Sugar Daddy/Mommy
    An older, wealthier person takes interest in a struggling student and begins showering them in money and luxury.

    Basically InuxBoku
    A rich person is assigned a cutie patootie bodygaurd

    I say person and other non-gendered pronouns because I am literally okay with anything.
    Guy x Girl
    Guy x Guy
    Girl x Girl
    NB x Girl
    NB x Guy
    NB x NB

    But note NB x NB probably won't be possible because I don't know what it is like to be non-binary and I would probably screw up and accidentally offend someone DX

    The originals can work as AUs for the Fandom-Based plays but here is that list I mentioned
    *Flower Shop

    I'm sorry if that was just a whole bunch of information in horribly organized mess... I' got really excited because I really love his XD Speaking of things I love- I love love. Romance is a big thing for any of these. I want it sweet and fluffy like cotton candy okay? The more cliche the better, so if you think it's too cheesey chances are I will love it^^

    Thank you for reading all of this! Please PM me if you are interested, or just post on here I really don't care :D

  2. I may be interested in a few of the original ones.
    XD I don't know enough about the fandom ones to be able to play them.
  3. Would love to do the Coffee Shop roleplay~!
  4. I would like to :3
  5. I am not much of a fandom fa, so lets go with an original role play, that is if your interested in an insane character.
  6. I'm interested in the sugar mommy/daddy one. I'm okay with whatever kind of pairing for that one. I'd also be okay with playing either character though I lean towards playing the wealthy one. I'm also not sure of your requirements for "frequent replies"; I try to reply once a day or once every other day, with once a week at the very slowest. I may be able to do faster, but I can't promise to.
  7. Id be up for something from danganronpa if you're still looking
  8. Would you be up something alil scarey? (:
  9. I would be interested in some of your original plot lines, if you still need a partner. :) Drop me a line!
  10. Well, I dont really have any plorts at the moment. Except for the fact that Id love to do a similar Fatal Frame rp.