Searching for One Piece Partners!! :]

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So I'm usually online in some form usually working on things or chatting with a buddy. I tend to respond as soon as I can if I'm not busy helping the family out, so just drop a line if you wanna talk or discuss a plot.
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Romance, romance, romance! Seriously, I always have romance involved. I also like fantasy, scifi, action, adventure, modern, magical, horror, and post apocalyptic. If you have a genre not listed here please mention it! Maybe we can work something out!
Hi! I'm going to go ahead and get down to it, I've been craving a particular roleplay, more or less a certain Fandom Roleplay that has somewhat eluded me. I'm hoping to find someone to roleplay One Piece with me.

What I'm hoping will be in this is romance, adventure, honestly a little bit of everything if we can manage it and have a good balance in our story!! I am open to OC's, I am open to FxF, MxM, and FxM. :] Doubling is one of the things I love to do because I feel it keeps a balance, and I also don't mind playing other characters for you! Even the ones that are not often in the anime/manga.

If you want to go completely off canon, that's fine! If you want to stay as close to canon as we can manage, also fine! :] If you want an AU, or just something fun to roleplay, I promise you, it is fine!

Mainly, I'm just craving a One Piece RP, and I'm craving one rather badly. I don't have a specific plot in mind, though I'm sure we can come up with one, and I have only two set OC's for this world so if you don't have an OC in mind, or if you just want to rp the Character's from the show, Awesome! No worries here. :]

I do have a few rules though, but they're pretty basic:

1. Please respect me, and I will respect you. :3
2. Please do not spam me if I don't immediately get back to you. It is a holiday season and I'm a college student in a house of six where I take care of my grandparents and assist my mother with things. I cannot ask this enough, please, please, please be patient with me!!
3. Let's discuss the plot! (This is more a personal preference that we talk about things throughout the roleplay!)
4. Please if possible, warn me if your going to use a trigger of mine. I've gotten better at being able to write some things, but please do not randomly spring it on me. I've had it happen before and the end result was not a pretty one.
5. Please tell me if you have triggers! I don't want to cause someone to suffer because I didn't know! You're my friends, and I want to make sure you're okay!
6. I will only roleplay romance with partners 18+. :] Sorry kiddies.

Overall, that should be it. :] Also, I do a bunch of the emoji's though I try to avoid text speak. But if the smiles bother you just let me know and I'll try to stop for our OOC Conversations. :] I've just recently noticed it bothers people and I don't want to be a huge bother to others...

If you're interested let me know! Feel free to PM me or leave a message here! :D​


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I may be able to help since ive watched a decent amount of one piece and know what its about
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