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  1. ~Welcome~

    So, if you're reading this now, I guess that means you've decided to come see what's going on in here for yourself. Well, welcome, *Grand bow* to my search thread. Thanks for coming to check this out.

    First off, a little something about me:

    - I'm graduating this month so my schedule is pretty crazy. Plus I just got my first horse and I'm working on moving her to where I'm going to board her and then start spending time with her. Oh, and I have a job. So my replies are not fast. I respond mostly in the evenings and weekends. But sometimes my response may vary from several a day to 1 or two every couple of days depending on what's going on.

    - I'm semi-literate to literate. So basically I post from 1 - 7 paragraphs approximately. However, I usually tend to copy my partners length so the longer or shorter their response, the longer/shorter mine will be. Though intro's are probably the largest posts I do depending on what all needs to be covered right aways.

    - I'm a girl so I tend to prefer to play female roles with mxf pairings.

    Well, that's all I can think of to say about myself at the moment. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    And now what I expect from my partner:

    - Be able to post 1 or more paragraphs

    - Have decent grammar.

    - Respond at least two or three times a week

    - And if you've lost interest in the rp or are going to be gone a long time, please let me know.

    So if you're still with me, here's what I'm searching for to do with plots and such. I have two characters that I absolutely LOVE using and by now, I know them so well it's as though they were real people and I actually know them. They truly have come to life for me. Now I want to expose them to more circumstances and broaden my knowledge of them. Plus I want to develope a few more characters. So let me know if you want to rp with any of the characters I list. Also, their personalities may change as time goes on in rp. Info about them is not set in stone so there are some things that may change as we rp.

    Character 1 ~ Riley Branton
    Eye color:
    Hair color:
    Hair type/style:
    thick with a natural wave. The shorter her hair is, the curlier it gets. Currently it goes down just past her shoulder blades and usually wears it up in a pony tail or braid.
    very fair, almost pale
    Distinguishing Features:
    lots of freckles, somewhat of an athletic body build, and has lots of scars on her back that she hides with a dragon tattoo. The coloring of the tattoo makes it hard to notice the scars and you can't tell they're there from far off but even then, you have to be fairly close in order to notice them. There is one, more prominent scar due to her getting it after she got the tattoo.
    Personality: Can be charming, considerate, faithful, funny, polite, and thoughtful. When upset, she can be aggressive verbally, rude, and spiteful. Is argumentative, stubborn, active, ambitious, creative, curious, impulsive, perfectionist when it comes to dancing, and trust worthy. Protective, lively, zany, defiant, a little on the guarded side, and secretive.

    Favorite Sayings:
    “3 out of 4 voices in my head want to sleep. The other one wants to know if penguins have knees.”
    “If you fart loudly in public, just yell “Jet Power” and start walking faster.”
    “Old people at weddings always poke me and say “You’re next.” So I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.”

    ~~ “did you just fall?” “No. I attacked the floor.” “Backwards?” “I’m freaking talented!”~~
    Riley’s life started off relatively normal. When she turned two, her younger sister Angela was born. Life seemed pretty great for the small family. But then her dad started running into trouble at work and that started to reflect at home too. One day, when her dad was out getting drunk, her mom went to get him but in angry stupor, he grabbed the wheel and caused them to crash into another vehicle.
    Her mother died almost instantly while her father went to the hospital. She’d been left home with Angela and were with a babysitter during this time. From there, things only got worse.
    Her father started becoming abusive as he drunk almost all the time and Riley was left to take care of her little sister. She did everything possible but it was hard for a little kid to raise a baby especially one who had poor health.
    When Riley turned ten, Angela died a few weeks later after getting a serious beating from their dad and wasn’t strong enough to recover. Riley had made a promise to her younger sister that she’d one day get away from him and live a better life for both of them.

    From there, Riley suffered but survived by sheer will as she endured her father’s beatings and harsh words which tore at her heart. But whenever she leaves home, she puts on a smile and acts as though nothing is wrong.

    Character 2 ~ Jordan Frost
    Eye color:
    Hair color:
    Hair style/type:
    It's straight and fine. It goes to the middle of her back and she either wears it down or in a ponytail.
    tanned/light brown
    Distinguishing features:
    Somewhat petite body build. Has a bird silhouette tattoo on her left wrist.
    Faithful, polite, thoughtful, and caring. Generally shows aggression, argumentative, can be manipulative, and spiteful. She can be ambitious, is very cautious, very reserved, serious, trustworthy, can be volatile. She’s also adaptable, decisive, determined, protective, reflective, responsible, angry, cruel, dangerous, defiant, very guarded, secretive, vengeful, and wary.
    Favorite Saying:
    “Reality of fear: You’re not scared of the dark. You’re scared of what’s in it. You’re not afraid of heights, you’re afraid of falling. You’re not afraid of the people around you, you’re just afraid of rejection. You’re not afraid to love, you’re just afraid of not being loved back. You’re not afraid to let you, you’re just afraid to accept they’re really gone. You’re not afraid to try again, you’re just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.”

    Jordan never had it easy. Ever since she was born, her parents resented her. They never wanted her in the first place. Her mom had actually gone for an abortion which had failed and they were stuck with her. Her parents were drug addicts and Jordan does struggle to not become addicted to certain drugs simply by smelling the smoke from them or anything else that carries their scent.

    As she grew up, she learnt to deal with what was going on and was constantly on the search for someone to love her. Just as she found an old lady at a park to hang out with, things started to get worse at home. So she went to the park whenever she could. But one day, the lady didn’t come anymore. Jordan found out later that the woman died. So she lost her first real friend and became depressed.
    Then, when she turned eight, in a drug related skirmish, her mom died trying to steal some drugs. Needing to escape so they wouldn’t be found, Jordan’s dad packed her up and took off. They traveled so much that she didn’t bother trying to make friends. Not that she was allowed to either. She’d never really been allowed to in the first place.

    By the time she turned fourteen, her dad finally settled in one town. She got her fist boyfriend who got her pregnant. She wasn’t too sure what to think about that and told him. He went ballistic and beat her till she miscarried. She’d been five months along when he lost it.

    Grief stricken, she got a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist to symbolise the child she lost. She chose a bird because it symbolized that the child was free from the horrors of the world.

    She soon got another boyfriend who she truly loved and believed loved her. They were great together and she got pregnant again. After her first boyfriend’s outburst, she was terrified to tell her new boyfriend. But she did and his reaction was the opposite. He, at first, accepted it. He was there for her. But when she got farther along, he abandoned her and took off, leaving her alone. She was fifteen when she had her daughter and had to move back with her dad since she couldn’t handle everything on her own.

    By that point, her dad didn’t hit her much anymore. He was usually too drunk and often just passed out on the couch. But once she gave birth, she worked hard at getting a job and now is trying to straighten out her life. She’s doing that by going to school and working and leaves her daughter at a babysitters place since it’s safer than if she were to leave the little girl at home.

    I will add more characters later. These are my main two that I absolutely love.
    I do basically any kind of rp as long as there are no zombies so feel free to let me know what kind of rp you want to do with them.
    Also, if you want some kind of picture to get a better idea of what they look like, feel free to ask me for a reference picture.
  2. Hey there! Your characters sound really awesome, and I would like to do a roleplay with one of them. Probably with Jordan? She sounds so interesting.
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