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  1. Welcome! Jealous is my name and I’m looking for some roleplays that have drama, action, and romance, but no smut. Additionally I prefer to keep the romance MxF – and most often I play the female role so I’m searching for someone who would take on the male lead. However, I also like to double up characters so that we both control a male and female character. Who wouldn’t like double the fun?

    My posting expectation is about at the intermediate range or higher. The goal is to have 1-2 paragraphs or more per post as we build the plot and story together. My ideal is that we each add twists and turns while developing the lives of our characters. Above all, I tend to match post length. Most often, the length of a post will reflect the time it takes for me to respond to the roleplay. My current goal is to post within a day or two of seeing a new post. This gives me a day to formulate a well written response and tweak it as needed. However, my ultimately my response time will speed up and there will be less of a waiting game. Real life throws curve balls so I’ll try to give you a heads up if something comes up. I ask the same courtesy in return. Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with me – as good communication outside of the roleplay strengthens the roleplay itself. Or that’s my philosophy.

    That being said, below are the list of pairings (and their respected plot) that I am currently interested. The Yellow color indicates the role I would prefer to play. If no color is indicated, it means I am fine with playing either role. Lastly, most of my pairings and plots can be adjusted to where we can double up characters if you wish. Give my ideas a look over if you wish, and then contact me if anything catches your eye. I’d love to roleplay with you – you awesome person!

    Werewolf x Immortal {Plot: The Meaning of Eternity}
    Vampire x Human
    Former vampire now human x vampire hunter {Plot: Twisted Fate}
    Experiment x Human
    Rich Girl x Rock Star
    girl who cross-dresses as a guy x the guy who is her roommate {Plot: Guilt}

    Guilt (open)
    Autumn is a season of change. Leaves change colors and the air grows crisp as the world prepares for winter. Above all, it is the season in which many return to school to further their education. Kevin Loh is one such student. He's spent the last two years at home, caring for his ill mother. Upon seeing an improvement in her health, he has chosen to attend college and further his education. However, as Kevin adjusts to his new life - there is one secret he must hide. Kevin Loh is actually Allison Loh - a girl who just wants to make her parents happy and atone for her sins. But how long can she keep the secret of her true identity from her roommate - who may be hiding a dark past.

    The plot is thin and I am open to suggestions to make it more interesting. Please read Allison Loh's character sheet for more information about her.
    The Meaning of Eternity (open)
    He is a creature of the night – a werewolf - something unseen by humanity. He worries more about the politics of his people rather than the petty worries of mortals. However, something has begun to worry him. He is unsure of what it is, but it may disrupt his world.

    One night, during just a normal stroll down the streets, he encounters a gruesome scene – the body of a human woman unfortunate enough to become some creature’s meal. As he’s about to leave, a noise draws him closer to the scene - close enough for him to realize that the human is still alive. While he doubts that she will live, he is compelled to help her. Taking her from the streets, he offers his home as a sanctuary.

    He believes that if he cannot heal her, perhaps she will at least be able to die in peace. However, his worrying doesn’t amount to much, as in a matter of hours, the woman is awake and her wounds have healed. For while she may appear to be your average Jane, working at the local bakery and taking college courses on the side, she is far from “average”. The fact of the matter is that she is unable to stay dead. Perhaps the best explanation would be that her body possesses some sort of super healing ability – some mutation that occurred to make her a little less human. All she knows is that a bullet to the heart will keep her down for days at most – enough time to end up in the morgue but luckily not 6 feet under. But this time she’s not in a morgue, and her little secret of immortality just may rattle a world that has long been cloaked in darkness. Add cupid's arrow to the mix and all hell just might break loose.
    Twisted Fate (open)
    Under the cover of night, a war is waged between vampires and humans. As the years have progressed, the humans have developed weapons and strategies to counter the vampires’ speed and power. However, there are some vampires who prove to be more difficult to kill than others. One such vampire leads a clan called Kronos, and she has begun to turn the tables on this war. Elizabeth is her name, a vampire gifted with psychokinetic abilities which she has used to become infamous and slaughter any who oppose her.

    But pride and treachery was her downfall – leading to an ambush of the Kronos stronghold. Unprepared for the ambush, the slayers slaughtered all of Kronos – leaving no survivors. But fate was not about to let such a powerful soul perish. With her body gone, Elizabeth’s soul found refuge in the body of an unborn child. And so she was raised as a human. Still, even as a human, she possesses all of her old memories, the mark of Kronos on her arm, and her strange psychokinetic powers that made her infamous as vampire. But unfortunately she finds that her powers are not as strong or as easy to control as a human – and for some unexplained reason she is immune to a vampire’s bite.

    Twenty-one years after her death as a vampire, she has resigned herself to living as a human. However, on her way home one night, she is attacked by a vampire. But not just any vampire – this vampire bares the mark of Kronos. When all seems lost and that she’s about to become this vampire’s lunch, she is suddenly saved by a man who slays the vampire. Instead of just vanishing into the night like any usual vampire hunter, the man decides to stick around – probably because the girl doesn’t seem entirely human. And while she would prefer to not get involved, the return of Kronos may lead to her teaming up with the people she despises most.
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  2. Oooh, I'm interested in the experiment x human one. What do you have in mind?
  3. I must admit that I haven't give the experimentxhuman pairing much thought as to a plot. Right now I am at the basics of a secret and/or government organization has worked to create some sort of super human - whether this is by enhancing humans with mechanical parts or trying to splice their DNA with that of an animals. The experiment will then escape the organization and somehow end up in the human's care. Or perhaps the experiment saves the human from something and maybe the human was once involved. I don't know - haven't created a solid idea so feel free to take and mold whatever idea I just gave you if you wish to take up my offer for a roleplay. If that makes sense... :D
  4. Oh, wow. I was thinking that the human could be one of the scientist that worked on him/her. XD
  5. Sorry if my response was a lot. But I would think that the human being a scientist would work great. So the roleplay would logically take place within the facility with the experimentation still going on. Do you have a preference for which role you would prefer in this case?
  6. I think I'll take the scientist role if you please. :D
  7. Alright, let me send you a PM and we can hash out a few more details before we jump into the roleplay. :)
  8. Looking for someone to roleplay either "Guilt" or "Twisted Fate".
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