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  1. Hey everyone,

    So, I'm really looking for a Harry Potter Roleplay. At the moment I want to play this really cool plot I have for a relationship between Tom Riddle and Ginny, well not just at the moment. They are my favorite pairing, but I digress. This new plot I have is a time travel plot. It is a evil Ginny plot, I'll post the plot at the bottom.

    However, if you don't like the idea of Tom and Ginny, or are simply a purist and hate the idea of an evil Ginny, I have a ton of other plots. I have been role playing for ten years, and collecting plots for every genre nearly as long. So, please just let me know the pairing you do like, and I probably have a plot for them. Or we could work up one together, maybe even wing it if you really want to.

    I am able to Roleplay here, or via email. Sorry but you'll need to make a convincing case if you want me to get on the ims. Plain and simple, I always forget to log onto them. Plus, I have a one month old daughter which makes iming very difficult. Anyway, I'm getting off topic :-) please feel free to message me or reply here! Here is the plot.

    The war was not going well, in fact, Dumbledore and his army were losing badly. They needed a secret weapon. But they could not change current events. Or could they? That thought sparked a brilliant idea. Send someone back to a time to kill Tom Riddle before he can become Voldemort. But who should they send? They needed someone they knew he would let into his circle of close followers. The person also had to be someone they never thought would turn against them. The only person that matched that was Ginny. She would never turn on Harry or her family. What happens if she goes back, and instead of killing Tom, she falls in love with him. After all, he was seventeen when he controlled her with the diary. What can she do when faced with the man she was in love with when eleven years. Feelings as strong as that never truly leave you. What if she does not kill him, but comes back as his evil queen?

    It is easy to double too.
    While going through his old school photo albums Dumbledore sees a picture he doesn't remember. A picture of Ginny and Tom looking far to cozy for her to be his assassin, so he sends someone back to make sure Ginny is sticking with the plan.

    I do lots of other roleplays besides Harry Potter, please ask.:-)
  2. Bump, still looking. :)