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  1. Hi my name on this game is called Pasiphae. I have been role playing for 14 years. I do various styles of writing. Poetry, short stories, long stories, and have been working on a book since my senior year of high school.. ( I graduated in 2000) so that tells my age... *chuckles* I prefer role players that do paragraph role playing. I get very into my characters, and I have to have something to work with. One or two sentences just isn't something that I like, though if I HAVE to then I can, but it's not a preferable thing for me.

    When it comes to my
    preferences I can do just about any style, give it be FxM, FxF(though have only done this once.) I am not too keen on the MxM, as I have not had any practice in it, and so I suppose I don't think I can do well on this particular situation. Now, as for my posting length it can be seen in my Profile Resume. Once you look it over, you will see my style of writing, it is very lengthy, and given the partner it can be even longer. I don't have to have a partner that posts every day,but please don't put posts at weeks apart. I am a patient writer, and very understanding. If you don't think you can role play or continue on, then please don't hesitate to let me know. I am normally one after 2 pm est. I am back and forth on the computer, and will get back to you when I can.

    I do have a few rules that I like to abide by and I would like to have them respected.

    • I am not a fan of 1 liners
    • I prefer paragraph role players
    • If you think you have been forgotten when it comes to a role play we are doing together, then by all means do contact me. I am not a scary person, I like to get to know the person I am writing with
    • Do not constantly bug me to post, i.e. meaning leaving a mailbox full of messages within the same day~I may be busy(rl single parent)
    • I will not do sadistic role plays
    • I do not like planned step by step rps. I don't mind coming up with plot, but I like to simply go off what the writer(s) do.

    Want List

    ~ Genres
    • Fantasy
    • Realistic
    • Romance
    • Adventure
    • Disney
    • Medieval
    (Others in this area can be discussed later or will be added to)

    • Vampire/ human
    • Dark Angel/Human
    • Fallen Angel/Human
    • Fallen Angel/Vampire
    • Demon/Human
    • Succubus/Master
    • Hero/Villain
    • Werewolves
    (Others can be discussed, still getting the concept of this)

    • Boss /Secretary
    • Doctor/Nurse
    • Teacher/Student(highschool)
    • Professor/Student(College)
    • Boss/Intern
    • Master/Slave
    • Daddy/Daughter
    • Sister/Brother
    • Mother/Son
    • Boy(friend)/Girl(friend)
    • Married Man/Mistress
    • Doctor/Patient
    • Kidnapper/Kidnappee
    • Married Woman/Pool boy
    • Head of Mafia/(open)
    • CMNF(Clothed male/naked female)~Office RP
    (this can be expanded one, if you have an idea, lets chat!)

    Now that I have racked my brain for this, I am seeing it in doubles *chuckles* But this is a start. But if you see any that interesting to you, then lets get chatting, or if you have an idea, then let me know.. and we can perhaps give it a go! I hope to hear from you soon! Lets get writing!

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