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  1. Welcome to my partner search. My usual roleplay partners have sadly left me so I am dying for some more roleplay in my life. I have a few ideas for some plots but i am a very flexible person and have a very open mind. So shoot me any ideas you might have.

    A few things about me:

    So sadly i have a bad habit of disappearing. I try very hard not to, but it does happen. If i get bored or very busy in life. So if i do disappear please shoot me a message and i will actually reply.
    Okay second note, I am not into writing paragraphs of writing. Ya I love detail and love to be pushed to my limits. So saying that i write about an average of as short paragraphs to three paragraphs. I'll do my very best to match my partner.
    I think that's about it. But I do want to add one last note, i am very laid back. So if you happen to get busy just get back to me whenever your schedule allows you too.
    So I turned 18 not that long ago. And am dying to try a smut roleplay with another who is over 18. xp So if you are interested in one please let me know.

    Now the fun part! Plots

    Struggles of a Family
    This one takes place after world war II. Men have returned home and are searching for their jobs. The father has been home for a few months now. The mother works hard to support her two children, her daughter and son. The father is struggling to find a job and is struggling with keeping the family together. They fight, lots of fighting in the home. This roleplay will be about the struggles of the family and the struggles of the parents trying to keep food on the plates and a roof over their head.

    I am a huge naruto fan and would love to do a naruto roleplay. I am not big on roleplaying any of the original characters, at least not as main characters. So if you are also interested in a naruto roleplay just let me know.

    Lost Soul
    A wolf came across a young girl in the woods one cold night. She was very young and was badly hurt. The wolf, who was half man half wolf, took her to his home where he healed her and looked after the young girl. He discovers many secrets about the girl, mostly that is't isn't a normal human girl.
    The plot takes place many years later. They now live together and the wolf serves the now grown woman. He serves as her protector and is willing to give his life for the girl he once saved. The woman has become an evil being. She is collecting specific souls, and once she has them all, she will be the most powerful half demon out there. Then will she become queen, with the half wolf at her side. With this plot I would like to play the woman.

    This next one is based off of this video. One day a girl woke up on this earth. She has no memory of who she was. The only thing she knows is she cannot feel. But she can make others feel. She also cannot be seen by others. For many manay years she wanders the earth shooting others with her special bow that made others love. Until one day at the bar she discovered that someone can see her. This story is about the two of them getting to know each other and possibly falling in love,. It is either MxF or FxF, I would like to roleplay the angel.

    I would also really like to do a gypsy plot. About two gypsy's who use their talents to make money. Either dancing or future telling. But I would like to do one about two girls who are best friends. Not to sure what we would do for plot but I would like the two girls to either fall in love, be in love, or to just simply be best friends.

    Other interests:
    Vampires: I would love to try a FxF, but woul also be happy with MxF
    Anything fantasy (Past, presnt, or future)
    Demon hunting (Don't have a specific plot in mind)

    Wow I had ton of ideas an hour ago. But I guess that's what happens when you don't have access to a computer at the moment. I will probably be adding more later if i think of any. If your interested either reply here or shoot me a message. Thanks for stopping by and reading through my thread. :)​
  2. Shinsei Nami

    Yin Yuki

    If you don't like either characters, I can easily make another. I don't really like many of cannon characters, so doing a custom story with custom characters is super sweet to me.

    I'll also play libertine with you, as well as male or female.
  3. Awesome! I will respond with a pm in a few hours. I am on my way to martial arts.
  4. If its Karate, may your stance be strong.

    If its Maui Tai, may your elbows and knees be strengthened.

    If its ju-jitsu, may you make your opponents tap out with all fury.

    I ran out of things to say to be silly.

    And no problem, I will be up all night! Can't wait!
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