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  1. So all of my roleplays are kind of slow right now and so I'm looking to start up some new ones. First I have a few rules

    1. 1 to 2 paragraph minimum. I can crank out a lot of words when I want to and while I'm not going to make someone give me the same I do appreciate when I get something to work with.

    2. Replies once a week minimum. I understand that life gets in the way, but if much more time goes between the replies it can be hard to keep up the momentum.

    3. I don't mind playing the more dominant character, but I don't want any super submissive characters. This means that there with be no Dom/Sub relationships.

    4. Neither one of us should be the only ones coming up with new ideas or pushing the roleplay along. I will be kind and listen to your suggestions and I ask the same.

    5. Then of course the obvious rules. No Garry Stues. No one likes a perfect character. No extremely troubled characters either. Your character can go through some hard times, but good things have to happen too. No god modding or powerplaying.

    6. If you get tired of the roleplay and want to drop it please have the courtesy to tell me.

    7. Most importantly I want us both to have fun.

    On to the roleplays then. I will add plots as I come up with them, but for now I just have pairings that I would like to play. I can play the dominant character in any of these, but may ask to be the submissive if I get too many where I'm the dominant character. Italic pairings are ones that I'm really interested in, bold words are the one that I would like to play, and strike throughs are ones that I'm satisfied in.

    Step Brothers
    Younger Sibling/Brothers best friend
    Shifter/ Other supernatural character
    Best Friends
    Good Guy/ Bad Guy
    Fallen Angel/ Kitsune
    Dark Elf/ Light Elf
    Harry Potter esque (only original characters)
    Pokemon realm (only original characters)
    Guy/ Ex's best friend

  2. Younger Sibling/Brothers best friend
    Shifter/ Other supernatural character

    Fallen Angel/ Kitsune

    I'm interested in those three. c:
  3. I like the following:

    Shifter/Other Supernatural
    Dark Elf/Light Elf 《Especially this one.

    Aand thats about it.

    Though I do have a request, perhaps you could be the more dominant character? Maybe we could switch every once in a while, though I'm not that good at being dominant.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.