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  1. Intro
    RP Preferences
    1. Post Length?
      I love writing between three to five paragraphs. I would love for my partner to match this style but I am able to adept accordingly to the situation. One liners are a no no for me though.

    2. Post frequency?
      I would love to post once a week at least. Though if I get into a roleplay I can easily post multiple times in a day. I'd like to work on this with my fellow partner.

    3. Plot vs Smut?
      A good plot is nice but I like for the smut to be relevant as well. I don't mind plotting things beforehand but I am also okay with just letting things unfold according to our characters.

    4. Grammar?
      Legible is great! I'm no grammar Nazi. As long as I can read it, we are good!

    5. Role preference?
      Top. I love playing dominant characters and am willing to do top/bottom switch. I don't roleplay submissive alone that well though.

    6. Expectations.
      I haven't roleplayed in a couple of months and I would love to roleplay some cute plots with nice steamy smut scenes in there. I'm looking for a long term partner. I'm actually very open to other's plot ideas and such. I am the kind of person that loves making characters and adjusting myself to the situation according to that character. I am character driven and am open to plot suggestions. The lists below are pretty empty and vague so by all means, pitch an idea if you have one. Thanks!

    Fandom Pairings (open)
    Saix/Xemnas from KH
    Guy/Luke from Tales of the Abyss
    Turkey/Greece from Hetalia
    Jin/Mugen from Samurai Champloo
    Mr. Crepsley/Darren Shan from Cirque Du Freak

    Original Ideas (open)
    Married man/other male (open to ideas)
    Best Friends
    Future groom/Best Man
    PM if you have an idea, I'm open to everything!

    Writing Sample (open)

    The rest of the dinner that evening went worse than it had started. Yury thought that it couldn't get any more awkward or silent but after Xander's grand entrance it all got worse. He could feel the tension from his parents and he was excited for it to be over so that he could breathe again. He had never been around so much activity especially ranging in the negative side. When it was over he realized that when he had dropped his cane that Yulia had placed it back next to his chair. This made his heart sink. I mean it shouldn't be a surprise because they were bound to know eventually but still...He couldn't help but feel...unattractive.

    Needless to say that when the king abruptly ended the dinner, Yury was able to breathe again. He waited until the rest of the princesses left. Including his brothers. He could hear the clanking of the spoons and dishes as they were being picked up. Eerily similar to the sounds he heard when he walked in earlier this evening. He gripped his cane tightly in his lap as he waited for the sounds to cease. He felt the light touch of a maid on his right shoulder. He jumped a little because he wasn't paying as much attention as he should have. She whispered quietly asking if he needed help with anything. He responded calmly saying that he would leave the dinning room shortly that he just needed a moment. The maid left shortly after, the only sounds indicating so was her heels on the wooden floor and the door to the dinning room closing. Yury was completely alone in the dinning room.

    It was complete silence aside form Yury's breathing. Small and short. Then he felt it. A water droplet touched his wrist. Follow by another. Then more. His cheeks stained with the light trails of tears falling from unwilling eyes. He dropped his head as he began to weep silently in this giant dinning room. He threw his cane on the floor and placed his hands over his eyes. His crying getting more intense.

    "Who am I kidding? I can't do this...These girls deserve so much more. How can I hold my wife carefully and lovingly without ever knowing the exact hue of her beautiful eyes or of her beautiful lips."
    Yury laid his head on the table as he continued to cry deeply.

    "Why...I've never hated my condition before...but how can I love like this?...Why me...I'm sorry."
    Yury spent most of the rest of the night crying there. Unable to truly handle how overwhelming this whole experience is to a boy who has known nothing but the insides of this prison-like castle. He prayed for god's strength in getting through this because he never imagined that it would be this hard...


    The following morning Yury woke up in his own bed. Surprisingly he made it back to his room last night after crying all night. He could feel his cheeks burn up form the realization. He hadn't cried like that since he was a kid. He really hoped that it wasn't noticeable that he did....he wouldn't really know anyways. He quickly began his daily routine. He had woken up early, he always had to if he wanted to be ready in time. Average day to day tasks took Yury much longer than an average person. When putting on a suit most people would look in a mirror and be on their merry way. For Yury he had to stop after every step to feel if everything was immaculate. After every single step. This process was long and most individuals would opt for a t-shirt and shorts but Yury liked the idea of looking sharp. So even if it took more than an hour to put on a suit he hoped that his looks would be a plus.

    Once Yury felt his tie and suit in the perfect spot he took a deep breath. He had time to eat but he really didn't feel like eating. His nerves were too rattled up for that. He decided to skip on the food which is dangerous for him to do with his health issues. However, one meal skip wouldn't be that bad. He grabbed his cane that rested near the door. He took another deep breath, brushing his hair back as well, before exiting his room. He wandered the halls of the castle, smiling at every person he felt walk by and graciously saying good morning to every single individual.
    Casually having small conversations. This helped Yury become more lively in order to hide the pain inside. Hopefully no one notices how red his eyes are, though Yury has no clue about that. One of the maids informed him of the schedule with the princesses, mentioning that today Yury needed to spend two hours with Yulia. Yury thanked the maid for the info and continued on his way. He remember Yulia...she was the one that spoke passion. Yury would take this opportunity today to probably see if she still dances. He wants her to be comfortable but maybe his suspicions are just off. Regardless, he would like to be clear and help her if possible. Hopefully she won't have anything to say about his...issues.

    That was when Yury arrived at the family living room. He could hear that the T.V was going on and he stopped in his tracks near the door. Glancing towards the general direction of the T.V. Knowing full well that someone else was there. However his 'gaze' was probably way off. He coughed silently before speaking, holding the cane behind his back. Slightly embarrassed by it for the first time.

    "Good morning, I see I'm not the only one that enjoys arriving early."

    Yury made a sincere smile before asking the awkward question he would probably have to ask every time he walked in a room where someone unknown was inside. It would take a month or so before Yury would get used to the new sensory influx from the new girls introduced into the castle.

    "I apologize for must be princess...?"
    Probably the first time that Yury has fallen short on his speaking skills. He has never had this issue before and he was unsure of how to handle it. Hopefully she will be understanding...if she didn't know before she surely knows now, whomever she was.

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  2. I actually have an idea for the "Married man/other male". It's more "Married man with kids X teen babysitter". If you're interested in that, I can send you the (fleshed out) version!
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  3. The prince/assassin one would be cool! I would like to play that one with you
  4. Demon x Human or Best friends sound interesting if your still looking
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