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  1. Hello! I am incredibly new to this site. But I hope that does not deter you. I will role play with all levels of writing but I consider myself to be of intermediate level. I do straight shipping and things along those lines but I am craving something a little different. I have various little plot points and I do mean little that we can branch off of and create something with. You can message me or just reply to this thread I am not picky. I have a wide selection of OC's varying in ages, but I am always up for creating new and unique characters for different purposes. xxHush
  2. Heyy~ would love to do FxF with you :) would you like to pm me and we can brainstorm some ideas?
  3. I could do a MxM with you. Whenever you're ready to start discussing, just PM me.
  4. If you're looking for an FxF I'd be down to discuss your little plot point haha. :)
  5. Hey, I would be up to role playing with you
  6. Interested!
    MxM pairing.
    PM me if you're still open to partners. <3
  7. I'd be willing to do a FxF, or an MxF if you're willing to take on the male role, if you're still looking for partners
  8. Hello loves! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you! It was not alerting me of your comments. I will PM anyone that took interest
  9. MXM here if your'e still open for it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.