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  1. Hey there! I do have another HP rp search thread around here, but this one is very different in nature (multiple pairings, no plots, more flexibility) so I thought it would be best to separate the two threads ^^

    About me as an RPer

    -It's summer so I generally reply any where from once a day to once every few days (in fall my schedule will change and replies will be less frequent, but I'd say nothing less than one a week)

    -If you don't like our role play or just aren't into it anymore, there's no need to let me know if you don't want. I know that can give some people anxiety to tell another person, so I won't hold it against you. I may ask you about it, but if you don't reply to that I'll get the hint and stop bugging you.

    -Similarly, I don't like being constantly bugged. I'm 'online' a lot, but I do have quite a few rps going and can't always look at your message right away. Please don't spam me with messages, this generally only annoys me and makes me not want to reply (I can be a little stubborn..). And yes, I am also one of those people who may just drop, so if that gets on your nerves, we may not be the best match.

    -I usually write anywhere from 200-800 words. I try to match my partner as best I can, though I prefer a flexible environment, one where, if I have a ton to write about I'm fine if I write a lot and if I don't have so much to write about (like in a conversation) it's fine if the word count drops to like 100 words.

    -I generally prefer CanonxOC pairings, though I do have some OCxOC pairings in the next tab (and I'm willing to double for everything except OCxOC pairings unless stated otherwise) Also, for doubling I'm fine with doing FxF, I just generally don't do femmslash so it's not in the pairing list

    -Want to make romance the main plot point? Sure. Want to make romance only one aspect of the plot as a whole? Sure. I'm cool with doing things either way really, but I do want at least /some/ romance in all my rps


    (Characters with an * next to them are those I would like to play)
    -Neville Longbottom x Slytherin male OC*
    -Luna Lovegood x Gryffindor male OC*
    -George Weasley x Ravenclaw metamorphmagus male OC*
    -Arrogant male OC (any house) x Hufflepuff female OC* (will double for this one)
    -Slytherin male/female OC x Hufflepuff male OC*
    -Shy/quiet Ravenclaw male OC/Slytherin male OC*

    Things I like to RP

    -I'm only interested in doing golden trio era. If we do all OCs I would still like them set during this time (even if we make all the canon characters completely uninvolved)

    -That being said, I'm fine with rping characters who went to school in this era, but we do an rp set after school as adults (i.e. professors)

    -I love rping the golden trio's 7th year (not necessarily as them, but as those who are stuck at hogwarts)

    -AUs are always an option on the table. Soulmate aus, body switching aus, you name it.

    -Song inspired Rps. I'd say I have a pretty wide range of music I like, my favorite being rock (classic, modern, you name it) but I do tend to find the softer stuff better for romance rps XD (i.e. Eels, Damien rice, etc.)

    -These are just some examples of things I generally like to see if you think we might be compatible rp partners, if you like something else and don't see it here never fear, I'm down with hearing your ideas too :)
  2. Hmm, I've never done a song inspire role-play before. Would you possibly want to give that one a shot with me? I'm pretty open with most songs so you can choose one if you've been wanting to do it. But if you're interested I think that we could be good partners!
  3. Yeah definitely! PM me with a pairing you're interested in and we can talk about what kind of rp we wanna go for (and I'll see if I can find a good song for it ^^)
  4. I would love to do an rp with you. c: I can play Neville, Luna, or George for you if you could play Draco for me?? A soulmate au set in 7th year sounds interesting...I think I may have a possible idea we could do?
  5. Sounds awesome! Pm me :)
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