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  1. Alright so I've got a few characters created for a modfan and would like to adapt one or more for at least one rp.

    The content ratings I've put on this are loose, actual rps may not have all of those. I don't have much experience writing violence and gore, so if that does occur please be patient with me.

    I try to post at least once a day, but sometimes school happens so on busy weeks it may not be as frequent. I'll keep you in the loop when anything happens that will change how often I can post. On weekends you can expect 1-5 posts per day, depending on how things are going IC.

    The genre should be primarily modfan and can have supernatural elements. I won't prevent romance from happening, but it shouldn't be forced and shouldn't be the highlight. If it happens, it happens. I don't rp smut, if scenes get to that point I fade to black, but it's not likely to get to that point with my characters anyway.

    Let me know if you have any plots one or more of these characters could fit into and/or characters of your own that could work well in a rp with them. (you can so this either my pming or commenting on here).

    These characters are not adoptable.

    A short description of the characters available (please note that they're somewhat adaptable):

    Kasra: Kasra is a demon (but can be changed to a magic user if necessary), with a substantial amount of experience. In his original story, Kasra is a Reaper (a role assigned to demons and angels by the archangels). Each Reaper has a preferred victim, and Kasra often gets assigned criminals or children. When reaping the souls of criminals, he takes his time destroying them using painful spells and weapons. With children, he is gentle and friendly, using a painless reaping spell once he has befriended them.

    Kas is outwardly playful and rarely has a truly serious tone, but can be intense if the situation calls for it.

    In combat he uses spells and daggers.

    He is not a leader or a follower. He'll work with a team, but on his own terms.

    Friend of Nikoli and Michael, teaches Michael the basics of magic and fighting.

    pm for more info

    Nikoli: A close friend of Kasra's, Nikoli is also a demon (but can be changed to a magic user if necessary). He has no specific Role assigned to him at the moment, and spends his time watching over his half-brother Michael. He is older than Kasra by about 50 years (this can be changed).

    His demeanor is pleasant and he prefers to be cooperative most of the time, but has a few defined lines he will not cross.

    He used to be a soldier in Hell, fighting with ranged weaponry in battles and gleefully torturing whatever poor soul that was presented to him while off the battlefield. When he found out about Michael, he became inexplicably attached and soon made himself a part of his half-brother's life. After losing contact with their father and Michael's mother, Nik became Michael's primary caregiver and has since worked to guide and mentor his brother as best he can.

    pm for more info

    Michael: apprentice and friend of Kasra's and half brother of Nikoli. Michael is half angel, half demon (referred to as a "Mutt"). Mutts must choose which race they will inherit abilities from. Until the choice is made, they only have the most basic abilities of both races. Michael is comparatively weak because of this, and his lack of experience with combat doesn't help.

    He was raised by his mother in a New England town until he was somewhere between 5 and 15 years old. He knew very little about his father, and his mother worked to be encouraging and supportive of him in all things.

    He can be placed in his 20's or 30's.

    He's still figuring out who he is and what he'll become, with pressure from both Heaven and Hell to choose their side. Though demons and angels are technically allies, they often clash when competing for the favor of a Mutt. There will usually be one or two of each race keeping tabs on Mutts who have not made their decision yet.

    pm for more info

    Ariana: Big WIP. She's relatively new, so I'm still doing a lot of work with her, specifically with strengths, weaknesses, and the lore surrounding her (she started out as a bit of a mary-sue, but I intend to fix that before ever playing her, so don't worry.) One benefit of this is that I can be very flexible with her!

    Ariana is young, at most in her early 20's, and is either human or a Dark Angel (I'm working on the lore surrounding this race. Basically they're rare, they are descendants from the original group angels that fell with Lucifer. Some of them were among the first Reapers. I'm still figuring out what exactly sets them apart from demons and angels as far as skills are concerned. This can be discussed when brainstorming plots, but know that I will be assertive about it. Ariana does not know about her heritage at the beginning of the rp, and it will likely be a major plot point.)

    Ariana is clumsy and loves music, books, and being outside. She doesn't like confrontation. She is inherantly distrustful of new people, but tries to hide that and be pleasant. Besides these things, she knows very little about herself.

    There is huge potential for her to become close to any of my other characters if I play them together.

    you can pm for more info, but you'll have to ask specific questions since this is all of the general information I have on her so far
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  2. Wow! Those are some neat characters you have there! There's a roleplay I have for angels and demons, but I don't know how well these characters would fit in considering the lore you're using, apart from my own. ^^;
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  3. @PinkArrow could you pm me some of the basics of your lore? These characters can be flexible, especially the last two since I've done the least with them. They're all relatively new so I wouldn't rule anything out :)
  4. I didn't know what lore was when I posted, sorry. I just realized that. I have the link in my signature, though. I'm not sure how to pm you with everything in my group already set up...
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